Sow Your Seeds

⚫️ CAN’T F I G H T FATE ⚫️ yet you can sow your seeds to cultivate what you want in your destiny.

sow your seeds

Have you been feeling more hopeful?
Are you shifting the way you are thinking?

It’s no surprise if you are reading the astrologers messages of potent energy from our cosmic ceiling. I l o v e these new shifts…The holy portal of transformation and change is here.

Now truly is the TIME (Kali) to turn within : see, feel and create a vision. MAGIC IS AFOOT

⚫️New Moon like her name suggests represent new beginnings, newness, rebirth = this is the time to sow your seeds. And so this one so close to the New Year and indeed the New Decade is a wonderful way to leave behind anything, anyone, any ways of being or feelings that you no longer wish to be in your life.

The end of the year and decade is a reset to release.

The solar Eclipse mean the New Moon is amped up and eclipse means to abandon or leave behind (see my previous blogs)


The Moon was my first INITIATION into the FEMININE 30 years ago. She guided me with deeply understanding my feminine body and my monthly cycle.

I’d enter ritual with her especially at the New Moon and my bleed. My own Red Tent Ritual became my revival to honour where I was going.

30 years later I’ve been cultivating rhythms and rituals to RELEASE and RECEIVE.

sow your seeds2019 had more eclipses than usual and this one was along my husband and I’s astrological line of Capricorn – Cancer. It’s been awakening, liberating after a challenging 2017/2018. So Y E S – I am hopeful, we are hopeful.

Capricorn (my husband) is symbolised by the sea goat. They are strong, tenacious, who steadily climb towards their goals with patience and acceptance. Gosh I love this about my man! (Ok the slowness sometimes triggers me!)

Yet with the steadiness of a mountain and the freedom of the sea that is changeable, these are keys as we all set out resolutions. I prefer to practice with sankalpa – which become our seed intentions for what we truly desire to manifest in our life.

🔻SANKALPA is an ideal formed in the heart❤️

So with earthy, grounded, focused, determined energy of Capricorn – dream BIG as the mountain – or WIDE and VAST as the sea.

As you enter these last days of the decade and the New Moon is asking you to pause and root – be ready to ROOT TO RISE. set your resolutions, intentions, desires, sankalpa , whatever word resonates…but just communicate wit the universe and sow your seeds for what you desire in your life.

Capricorn are very Yang, or Shiva, the masculine or father authority in our life (my man helped heal my father abandonment issues!) So this is also a time to honour the masculine, allow healing so the inner union of your own masculine and feminine emerges in the New Year, New Moon cycle, New Decade…

This union is Amāvásyā, which means to dwell together and is the night Shiva and Shakti dwell together as one.

May the inner beloveds within you all ways dwell together as we enter the new threshold…

and so it is.

Jai Maa
Blessed Be.