New Moon

The first New Moon Magic for 2019 is 5th January in Capricorn and the 1st of 2 eclipses this month! And this year is a number 3 all about the ▽ Feminine ♀ (more on this in my next blog!).

New Moon is Amāvásyā in the Tantra path. “Amā” means  “together”, “vásyā” means “to dwell”.

Amāvásyā is the night Shiva & Shakti dwell as One.

New Moon How I love to dwell together as One in life, especially with my man, to feel his skin,smell his intoxicating essence, listen to our breaths becOMing One. This is yoga.

Back to the New 🌑 This is the 1st New Moon this weekend & its also a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn -the sun/moon, masculine/feminine, ShivaShakti = ALCHEMY.

What this New Moon is asking you

This New Moon is the 1st of two eclipses this month.

ECLIPSE derives from the Greek word meaning to ABANDON or to LEAVE BEHIND.

Eclipses are always important portals of change,

So this New mOon is asking us to prepare to leave something behind, other than 2018.

The New Year, New Moon, Capricorn, the eclipses are all asking us:


🔻So as we begin the New Year what are you ready to leave behind?

🔻What are you are willing to abandon because it’s weighing you down?

Maybe you are like me and have abandonment issues.

What were your stories?

Super New Moon RealityMine were ones of abandonment in childhood from divorced parents & wondering where daddy was, why he left me. Consequently I chose a lot of situations that displayed no signs of commitment, because I subconsciously thought they’d abandon me anyways. I especially chose men who would reject me & those who wouldn’t I’d be the one rejecting.

Now I am married. My yoga & tantra re-wrote the narrative and stories, as I practice with Shaktidaily I keep re writing the stories to ones of empowerment. 

My man definitely helped me heal the wounds of rejection & abandonment & guess what he’s a Capricorn!

He’s typical Capricorn. His patience to tread a path, weather storms because he knows triumph awaits him. He is dedicated and discipline and one focused.

CAPRICORN energy at this New Moon

Capricorn is an earth sign who embodies patience, steady, PERSERVERENCE and DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is remembering what you want. Disciple comes from discipline & this is what Caprcorns embody. This means being a disciple to what you want and honouring it. Daily through a simple action that I teach a lot of in classes and coaching.

The Upanishads says, “You are your deepest desire”

Are you ready to sow the seeds and embody your deepest desire this year?

I am! I got a big ask!

Amāvásyā is a time to remember what you really want, what matters to you, or what are you devoted to.

It means aligning so powerfully with your intention, to dwell together with it, to be a disciple to this.

Discipline doesn’t have to be hard or contracted, discipline becomes your foundation to create healthy boundaries with yourself/others and commit to them – what better time to install this than New Moon in the New year.

🌑This Amāvásyā :

What will you abandon to finally liberate you to wholeness?

And if you’d like further contemplate:

What you are ready to abandon…with love

⚫️maybe you need to embrace your fierce side and abandon being too nice, too accommodating. Period.

⚫️maybe it’s a way of being or feeling

⚫️maybe it’s your INHIBITIONS

⚫️maybe it’s conforming to what is expected

⚫️maybe it’s food that is more about habit or comfort than nutrition

⚫️maybe it’s a person or a place….

⚫️what are you ready to leave behind with 2018?

I wish you many blessings at the beginning of the year, may you come to dwell together with your inner beloved ( this means calling upon your inner masculine and feminine energies as One and seeing the unity as Divine) or come to dwell with your actual Beloved & vision B i g.

I am!

Jai Ma!