Super Blood Blue Full Moon

Super Blood Blue MoonThis January 31st is a potent and powerful fiery Super Blood Blue Full Moon Eclipse in Leo. And the last time we experienced one of these was 36 years ago.

What does she mean for you?

I’ll give you a brief on the meanings :

Super Moon: This is when the Full Moon is closest to Earth.

Lunar Eclipse: A lunar eclipse is when the moon appears darkened as she passes into the earth’s shadow. So this eclipse and shadow is going to is going to be close to Earth, which means visibility will be high and its energetic effects will be strong.

Blood Moon: A Blood Moon is when there are three or more Total Lunar Eclipses.  The name comes from the fact that the  Eclipse gives the Moon a red glow.

Blue Moon: A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon of the month. This is also an extremely rare occurrence and makes this Eclipse particularly significant.

So yes the energy is going to be strong! Just like any other Full Moon that is about fullness, clarity and power, this Super Blood Blue Full Moon Eclipse is going to invite you to get close to what you truly wish to ignite clarity in your life.

The Moon is also is the fire sign of Leo represented by the Lion/Lioness. Leo is dynamic, fearless, expressive and lights up a room. So the lioness/lion within will stir this Super Blood Blue Full Moon Eclipse to ignite your self expression and let it shine. This means use your voice to express yourself fully. Your roar may be loud, so here’s an invitation…The Full Moon ordinarily make waves, that can be like a stormy sea or gentle soothing waves. Stop before you start, that gives you chance to breath and pause and feel, rather than react.

Leo’s animal symbolism is the lion/lioness. I love lions for their regal quality, they remind us to own our own power. Lioness do not run around searching for food, they take rest, pause, breathe and act when you need to. Here is a great teaching. In my Tantra Yoga teaching I teach you to ride the lion. Ma Durga rides the lion, which is symbolic of discernment and a great teacher. You can either have the lion breathing down your neck or learn to tune in and become one with this hot furry animal between your legs!

Eclipses are super charged as the earth is in shadow. This may bring ups your own shadow side. It’s as if this Full Super Blood Blue Moon the light goes on in your cave. I think of Campbell’s quote “the cave you fear to enter, holds the treasures that you seek” – get close with this Super Full Moon, going into the hues of blue or your own blues and woes and use them as the very fuel that sparks change. Bring the warmth of the red and passion into your life.

Create Safe and Secure Space for the Super Blood Blue Full Moon Eclipse 

Super Blood Blue Full Moon eclipse

Connect to the Lion/Lioness within you. Let her guide you to release your roar of freedom from doubt, shame and fear

If things get intense over the next few days, remember, stop before you start. B R E A T H E. Tune in to your body. When you feel threatened, call upon your lion/lioness spirit, It’s the analogy I use a lot in my teaching and coaching to describe the fight and flight response from the 1st chakra. When we feel threatened or scared or triggered your bodies fight and flight response kicks in. Its like if you were being chased by a lion and stubbed your foot and it began to bleed would you stop and tend to your injury? No. you’re body’s para sympathetic nervous system kicks in the fight and flight response and numbs the pain and makes you have more adrenalin to run. When safe, you tend to the injury. Problem is, many of us in the. modern day are being chased by a lion but never go back to tend to the places we numbed and the body becomes rigid, tense, and numb. This creates broken loops of energy. And that is why when triggered the same response happens over and over again, you know those habitual patterns. Your body is saying, when will you create a safe space to help me heal and free this frozen energy?


Often you feel insecure or hurt or fearful when you are not being heard. Look within your own cave.

are you listening to yourself?

what do yearn to express?

This Full Moon I invite you to pause, let the light shine in your cave, let the energy flow. Take some time out for you, just look up at the sky and tune in nature around you. then maybe you won’t have the lion breathing down your neck. Instead ask the the lion to show you how to ride the intensity, so you feel safe and secure. In fact, just not doing, but being and slowing down creates space and you begin to feel safe and secure.

Once you feel safe and secure, as you tune into nature, you will express yourself from a place of authenticity, this is called your true nature. The clarity of your expression will be heard and received so much more. than if you simply roar and react.