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Super New Moon 

It’s the Super New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, that invites a time of turning inwards, tuning into the darkness that mirrors the dark skies of the New moon. Gemini is symbolised by the twins. Imagine the twins as a mirror; revealing your truest nature, your higher self, the god or goddess of your own unique awareness, that is illuminating the darker side of you in a super way. You have two sides, light and dark. When you embrace both there is balance. When a moon is a super moon it is closest to the earth. I believe at this time it is inviting you to look closely at yourself, your life and what you want.

Super New Moon The Gemini’s twins empower you to see both sides of a problem, challenge or situation. So you feel more flexible, supple and flow with the change or communicate your needs.

The darkness of the cosmic ceiling is so fertile.  Everything begins to grow in the dark. Mother Earth, ripe and rich for sowing new seeds.. A foetus in the dark womb of its mother. So the dark moonless New Moon skies hold a rich potently for change.
 For the new to emerge, you need to release the old.

How the Super New Moon reveals..(re)birth! 

This is what the Super New Moon is about. As the name suggests, newness, or renewal in a big way.. New moon gives birth to a new cycle And the seed of the beginning of a lunar cycle. During the New moon let  a desire for your self begin something groundbreaking. The New Moon is the key to open the doors to something new. The New Moon is inviting new time. 
Since the Scorpion Full Moon, I’ve been contemplating the 3 animals I wrote about in my blog the Scorpion Full Moon. I feel strongly that the Eagle guiding me at the moment, helping me to look into the mirror the gemini moon is holding up.. 
Super New Moon
I posted a video about the 7 leadership skills an Eagle teaches us. An Eagle has longest life span of its species and may live til it’s 70, but to reach this age it has to go through a major metamorphosis around 40. The Eagles talons have become too long, so it can’t grab prey, its beak becomes bent, and it’s wings become heavy and old due to the thick feathers so it can’t fly.. The choice is die or go through a painful process of change. If the eagle choose change it flies to it mountain top to its nest and knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out..then waits for it to grow back. Then it plucks its talons out. When its talons grow again the eagle plucks its old age feathers. 
Then there is rebirth.
Why is metamorphosis needed for the Eagle? 
To survive
We too have opportunity to take in the eagles symbolism of greater vision. To be reborn. To not only survive but thrive. 

Let go of the past as you enter the Super New Moon

Sometimes change is needed to truly thrive. Letting go of the past, old habits, negative situations or a fixed mind set. This may physically be painful.


As I teach in Tantra, when stressed you enter fight and flight survival mechanism. your past conditioning often numbs situations when you have been challenged. So Then the pain is actually releasing the stagnant or blocked energy in the body so you may soar high like an eagle to thrive. Only by releasing the past may you step into the present. Or like the eagle fly high or reach your highest potential. 
The key is also a lesson from the eagle which has great vision.. Keep your eye of your goal or vision irrespective of the challenges or obstacles that come your way. These are like the storm which the eagle loves. See them as test, to keep your faith so you succeed.
The moon cycles have been teaching me for a few decades now. The moon is feminine energy that mirrors the flow, the life cycle.  The Moon facilitates your  awareness of the inner world and the outer world, coming into a rhythmical ebb and flow of activity and energy. The moon for me brings to light the sometimes hidden patterns that are kept in the dark closest of your body, mind or heart – which is the house of your being, Following the moon is an invitation to honour, clean your house and make it a temple. The moon becomes a mirror to see clearly.  Just as the eagle mirror to you from last Full Moon.

My personal story 

Super New Moon Reality

Since December I’ve been going through my own metamorphosis so I truly thrive. I cannot say it all now as I am still in the changing waters. For a while I was reactive like a scorpion. The hurt, the stress triggering a reaction. Yet just before the Scorpion Full Moon I changed, I began to embrace the eagle’s energy and vision to soar high and take in a wider perspective. I am now practicing with this energy combined with the Gemini twins where I am looking at the situation for both perspectives. I am holding the light and the dark, the softness and the strength for example.

Physically this is manifesting as pain, as I let go of something I have known for 20 years. My back I pulled a muscle which literally stopped me in my tracks, more uncertainty and fear.

what is fear?

False Expectation Altering Reality..


The eagles vision guides me to see the bigger picture and surrender to the habitual ways and see the truth, my reality from clear perspective. It is also giving me time to grieve, turn into the darkness and bring it to light, without numbing out and plodding on. does this sound familiar? do you just get on, or mask the feelings or do you give your self time, space to go into the process of change?


Super New Moon Ritual

i invite you to invoke the Gemini Super New Moon infused with the eagles vision, strength and determination to thrive. May this simple breath based meditation help you to become clear of the twin perspectives :

Take a moment this New Moon to turn in, tune in and communicate within…
Perhaps light a candle at your altar if you have one,
Sit with a tall spine so the energy from your root may rise easily
Close you eyes and turn into the fertile darkness
Now become aware of your body and your breath
Let your awareness rest in the rhythm of your breath and slowly invite it deeper into the temple of your body.
Become aware of Mother Earth beneath you, ground into her, then become aware of the cosmic ceiling above you, sense the dark fertile skies and align between these two dark spaces. the darkness holds such potency
Breath into this rich potent time
Now begin to practice 3 part breath/pranayama, which is breathing into your sacred belly, expanding your ribs, and breathing into nurturing chest/breasts.
Let the breath be long slow and deep ,with every inhalation fill up from sacred belly, ribs and nurturing chest/breasts with every exhalation release chest, ribs and belly. This breathing helps to centre you, calm your mind reducing stress and tension.
Find a smooth rhythm with your breath and observe it. Gemini is an air sign, so bringing your awareness to the breath invokes the air element and Gemini. Now your ready to enquire within.
Hold your two hands out in Hasta Mudra, the receptivity hand position, like t open vessel in front of your heart. your two hands are like the two twins.
On his the lighter aspect f yourself and the other is the darker aspect of yourself.
let both arise.
You may find the breath whispers to you from within the answers to :
  • What is your vision for the future?
  • What makes your heart beat, your being smile as you think of it?
  • What do I fear?
  • Who or what do you need to let go of?
Write the answers on paper or write upon your sacred heart.
now to close bring your two hands together in Anjali Mudra, the prayer seal. bring the two gemini twins together in balance…
we all desire to be happy, having a vision gives purpose. Yet the other side of that coin in the mirror is we often have something/one holding us back. That might even be the limited aspect of your own self. So now you may be clearer on your vision and what’s limiting you. Now go forward in the Super NEw Moon and plants seeds to change.
I wish you clarity, clear communication and a deeper perspective for the New Lunar Cycle, which for me begins a

Summer cycle I love…

This next summer cycle I love. It began for me with the Scorpion Full Moon and now this Gemini Super New Moon. Then June has the Honey Moon, the Summer Solstice, followed by another Super New Moon. Mother Earth is yearning for you to get close! and then the Full Moon honouring the Guru with Guru Purnima in July, one of my favourites for the truest sadhana of Yoga and Tantra. As I tune into the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth, I hope to reveal more of my metamorphosis and how I evolved from the eagle to the rising Phoenix..
That’ll come, when it comes
Til then
Swaha – I offer to the sacred fire of transformation as I humbly bow…