surrenderS u r r e n d e r

The practice of Surender has become a ritual for me for years as I began to dive deeper into Feminine Tantra practices. Surrender helps you to check in, relax, rejuvenate, pause from a hectic lifestyle so you have space for clarity. Surrender is also deeply healing.

This last week, the universe gave me a wake up call again to truly immerse in surrender and receptivity. I suffered an injury, was in a lot of pain, which means I am un-numbing my freeze from stress. I’d been in fight flight or freeze mode without realising just how much. Because I work with my body, my body is quick to tell me these days

Surrender to me means to let go of the grip.

You might recognise that grip of the modern day woman, if you’re running around for everyone else, no time for #you, have an endless to do list, then need a glass or 2 of wine to relax or over analysing a situation, problem, your day.

However when you let go of those grips you drop inwards, diving into the your holy portal of just being present and come into your intuitive feminine flow. Surrender  is not passive, it is not giving up or submissive as often thought. Surrender is a strong practice of melting into the highest aspect of yourself by

B e i n g…

it’s an un-doing the doing and feeling into the strength of your softening and her power. Her power is shakti

?Would you like to join me?

? Would you like to experience surrender?

My picture is the Asana is Vapariti Karani. It is highly restorative. An invitation to slow down, open up and let your breath seduce you deeper into the temple or church of your body. I teach a powerful Tantra practice to circulate Shakti whilst in this pose, yet I have to guide you in person. So for now just begin practicing surrender with this legs up the wall pose,  for 10 minutes at the end of your working day when yr home. this is a micro meditation that helps you let go of the mind and get into the infinite space of your holy body, which is the portal into the experience of you.

Too many women especially live in a small part of the body, their heads, and never truly drop into their body that is so intelligent. it is working all by itself without you even thinking about it. so imagine dropping in and breathing, feeling and letting the body speak to you. you might just experience something so infinitely different

For now, follow #Rumi‘s words and let the light of being open you to surrender to the infinite

Stop, open up, surrender the beloved blind silence.
Stay there until you see you’re looking at the light
with infinite eyes.
~ Rumi