Uncoil and Release from within

I am about to teach a class with the theme – Uncoil and release from within. I’ve taught it before but it is always different everytime because I evolve.

The underlying theme with in the theme of uncoil and releases from within is all about Shakti. Shakti is your primal sexual creative energy or your power or your creative power that gives birth to everything. In the earthly plane shakti manifests through the embodiment of your creativity and fertility.

So you see when I said I teach this class it changes all the time, because life changes, as does my relationship with shakti. This lesson serves as a reminder for each student to connect to their relationship.With shakti and how they too have evolved.

uncoil and release from within

uncoil and release from within

Shakti in the body is considered a coiled serpent that lives in the subtle body and it is her journey up the spine to meet, marry and merge with her beloved, Shiva.

You’ll observe that I say her. Shakti is feminine.

In life we have opposites and we also have feminine and masculine energies. In Tantra Shakti is the feminine energy and Shiva is the masculine energy. Let’s look at other forms of the feminine and masculine

Uncoil and Release from within with Shakti Attributes


Uncoil and Release from within with Shiva Attributes


So Shakti coiled at the root of your being, at the base of your first chakra and intimately connected to your sex organs, hence shakti is known as primal sexual creative energy. Shakti is said to be asleep or dormant. I smile when I hear this, because I believe Shakti is definitely not asleep…


We experience her in our bodies as rising energy or waves rising during orgasm or arousal in the pelvic area, we feel her when we fall in love, this answer the questions about sexual energy. If you are fortunate enough to experience full body orgasms this is the union of Shakti with Shiva where the ecstasy in in the whole body especially the crown chakra.

We also feel shakti as the very pulse and drive to live our life and create. I feel shakti rise in kundalini awakenings when I merge and marry with God/dess in holy union during breathwork.

Shakti is just waiting for the appropriate time for you to wake up, or you awaken spiritually. Then boom, she transforms your life. Shakti heals. You embody shakti and this potent energy empowers you to rise, like she rises up your spine to meet her Shiva,

Shakti is not asleep like sleeping beauty waiting for a prince to come along and wake her up. This feeds into the patriarchal system, that surpresses the feminine. Where the woman is a victim waiting for someone to save her. Shakti is already awakened, you have to awaken to her. The feminine energy  is already so powerful. In Tantra Shiva the masculine energy is inert with out Shakti. Shakti is a powerful force that is the very current of creation in all life. She is the primal sexual creative energy that gives birth to everything including new human life.

Let me explain any confusion when people think Tantra is only about sex. Tantra is not just about sex, that is a tiny aspect of a profound system. Tantra is about tapping into this primal sexual creative energy and harnessing this energy for everything and thus giving birth to the life you truly desire to live. And so when you awaken to Shakti you uncoil and release from within to ALL of life. The uncoil is the spent kundalini uncoiling and beginning to rise up your spine and the release is the releasing of the immense power, enthusiasm, energy to live life more fully. The practice with Shakti seduces deeper into the temple of your body where you dance with the rhythm of Shakti as she rise to unite with her Beloved.


In Vinyasa Yoga, I show you how to uncoil and release from within

So my class today also honours my theme for 2017 ‘Awaken and Arouse’ – They way I always awaken is through the prana shakti, which is your breath, and so I teach you how to breathe easily that deepens connection to your own energy. For the breath is the most powerful tool I have ever worked with in both Yoga and Tantra. The breath when you focus on it invites you into your body. Your breath invites you deeper into practice. maybe you have been so loyal to the surface, to the outer form of an asana. what if you were to godeeper and align with shakti? So then on your mat, the awaken is the uncoiling, the dynamic rhythmical cyclic vinyasa move you, and when synchronised with the breath get you out of your head where most people are a lot of the time and into the magic of your body. the vinyasa’s in uncoil and release are strong and steady yet fluid and flowing so you open, surrender with patience. Do you see the vinyasa’s are sequenced to marry the Shakti/Shiva attributes. this the the key :

He is within HEr all the time

For me Shakti has guided me to make love in everything I do. It is the union of Shiva and Shakti. and Yes like you, I loose my way. However I always then retrun to the breath and the seduction of sadhana, the lovemaking of Shiva and Shakti and I rise again to uncoil.

The release from within may come in the form of arousal, if your lucky 🙂 It may be arousal to what you want in life, it may be the arousal of feeling so much better than you did before you did your yoga.

What I usually find is the arousal that is evocative and more sensual occurs on my retreats when a group of women come into circle for the weekend or week and practice my teachings together. They become magnetic, and ooze shakti because we work so initmately with her, the women truly connect with their primal creative energy, embody her and this empowers the women.

So there it is, my thoughts on uncoil and release from within…

Are you yearning to:

  • Awaken to vibrant energy?

  • Embody immense confidence in your feminine power?

  • Explore a deeper spiritual awakening?


I hope so, get in touch with me and let’s explore more!