Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow yogaI’ve started a new women’s only Tantra and Yoga group on Facebook and was asked what is Vinyasa Flow Yoga? So I thought I’d write  a brief blog.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga will mean different things depends on who can teaches and how. Ultimately vinyasa flow yoga is synchronising  the breath and movement

“Vinyasa” is derived from the Sanskrit term nyasa, which means “to place,” and the prefix vi, meaning “in a special way”. So vinyasa is to place in a special way. Nyasa is also sacred touch. So for me personally vinyasa touches you deeply in a special way.

How I teach vinyasa flow yoga  is through the keys of Tantra 

1. Breath

2. Movement

3. Sound

Vinyasa flow yoga is an opportunity to bring meditation to motion or is quite simply movement medicine.

I teach feminine vinyasa flow yoga and this means to weave the breath, the sound of the breath and the movement in fluid, flowing and circulating movements, like the feminine. I also teach cyclic circular flows to help Shakti move from within you. I invite Shakti to flow through spanda, which is the movement.

Spanda is a Sanskrit term derived from the root spadi, which means “to move a little”. Spanda is Shakti in action, the subtle creative pulse of the universe as she manifests into the dynamism of living form.

Spanda comes in four movements.

1. Cyclic

2. Circular

3. Linear

4. Undulations

vinyasa flow yogaAll these movements seduce you deeper into the temple of your body. In Tantra the body is considered the temple, maybe you prefer church or house. The movements help you to start to clear, cleanse and liberate any blockage from within the body. The Tantra I teach and coach release the pain or trauma.

As much as I teach feminine vinyasa flow yoga, my intention is to awaken you to shakti, your primal sexual creative energy. This feminine vinyasa flow yoga is for both men and women, since I believe he is always within Her. The masculine is always present as Tantra is about expanding your consciousness through shakti. As I wrote in my ‘what is Tantra’ blog:

Tantra is a way weaving together the more masculine aspect of meditation and witnessing and bring in that together with the feminine path of love and devotion. Where these to meet you experience the beauty of Tantra.

So where these two meet is how you place your breath, your hands, your feet, your body in a special way – this is vinyasa flow yoga. This to me mirrors devotion and that is very much what my vinyasa flow yoga is about as well. I honour the God/Goddess/Divine/Source (whatever you’d like to name this) that resides within you. In my yoga I honour the lineage of Yoga and share the mythology of the Gods and Goddess in mythical yoga flow. As you can see there are many layers. Does this not also mirror the many layers that make up the human mind, body and soul?

I hope to share with you my unique style of teaching, in my classes or retreats.  You can always practice with me in my weekly online class. See me stream live yoga in my Facebook group (link above) or come spend some time with me on retreat, where you receive everything you need to truly embody ‘to place in a special way’ through vinyasa flow yoga and Tantra.


Michelle x