Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the VirginIt’s been a while since I’ve written and BOOM, I’m right back in with a little controversy…with a title of Virgo the Virgin.

This is the Eve of the New Moon, the dark night is in the sign of Virgo. In astrology Virgo begins to move from the ‘I’ to the ‘we’ and how we all can serve others, so it’s apt with me sharing.

and as you might know I’m a lover of the moon and so yep I’m back to a re-newal with the NEW Moon, called Amavasya in Sanskrit, which means to dwell together. the togetherness syncs wit hate ‘we’ and serving.

So let’s get tot he juice and the potency of the truth of Virgo the Virgin and her gateway.

I love the intimate practice of following the moon, she has been my constant guide of tuning in for 30 years now! And I never tire, there is always a new-ness to seduce me deeper. And this one is no exception. She gave me and my husband an opportunity to create a new intimate moment. and so I share there are so many layers for me in this Virgo New Moon.

After the summer of retrogrades, eclipses are you too feeling wow this is a new chapter?

The New Moon as the name suggests is about new-ness, renewal, or re-birth in new chapters. The New Moon time re-inspires you by renewing your faith in life, with the new cycle.

Yet to create a new chapter you need to close the gateway on the last chapter. So this is the real Virgin new cycle with the true meaning of Virgin (more on Virgin energies at the end).

As a woman you can begin to tune in to the universal cycles that invite you to turn inwards to yourself and the resources within you to start a new chapter.

Let Her Medicine create new

This is a time when you begin to vision and dream about what you yearn to manifest. This is not the time to manifest, just dream about your desires. Then your desire become the spark to ignite the fire of your intention.

This is a time to contemplate what you no longer want in your life from the last cycle(s). Then you determine to let it go and release it with the New Moon. This can be symbolic or literal by releasing into the dark fertile soil beneath your feet.

This is when you regain your strength to begin a new cycle and rekindle belief in yourself to make the changes that you have or need to make.

Virgo the VirginChoose to go into this new cycle beginning with the new moon with renewed energies for re-birth. Virgo is a grounded, sensible Earth sign, and the soil, like the ground of your being is so fertile.

Virgo is conscious, has an eye for details, wise, perceptive, a healer and caring.

She’s sensuous and a lover of nature, tuning into her nature empowers you to tune into the truth of who you are.

She asking you to tune into these energies within you. With the New Moon in Virgo it is time to listen to your ‘gut’ instincts, your womb wisdom, rather than what society has taught us. Let the seeker within see in the dark of your fertile womb.

This moon is about healing. Virgo comes in the form of the Medicine Woman, she is a healer and uses her medicines from the earth to transform for re-birth. She empowers you to move from the ‘I’ to the ‘we’.

This New Moon is the invitation to transform your

W O U N D S into W I S D O M…

The Virgo Medicine honours the wounded healer – she uses her life experiences of deep wounds to become more conscious and then share with others. Her discernment knows not to fall into the drama game of the shadow side of judgement, over analysing, critical, inflexible, self-righteous side. She uses these as the gateway to higher knowledge. Do you recognise any virgo shadow traits? Is there virgo in your chart?

I know many potent teachers who are wounded healers, the once seekers became the seer… to name a few who spring to mind are Psalm Isadora, Sianna Sherman, Wendy Loughlan, Nicole Tempro. They dive deep into the ground of their being and alchemise their wounds into wisdom for all of us to benefit!

Jai Ma!

How does the wounded healer speak to you?
What sacred wound do you have that you have transformed into wisdom, to serve others?

Another layer or another thread in the rich tapestry of life.

The Glyph in Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the VirginThe glyph, the symbol of Virgo is an “M” with a swirl at its end that crosses back over. The “M” can represent the Medicine, but also the Maiden (or Virgin). The legs that cross back over form a gate of protection. So the Virgo Virgin is the gatekeeper and who rests in her conscious wisdom to decide who is allowed entry and who must walk away.

The coiled “M” is also symbolic of the yoni, inclusive of the ovaries, vagina and uterus.

This is why my husband and I were practicing Yoni Mudra the first picture to honour Yoni Mudra and the Virgin in me. My husband’s touch opens the gateway to deeper healing and intimacy.

I love that the Virgo is the gatekeeper of your yoni and this brings me to Virgo the Virgin…

Virgo is often called the Virgin of the zodiac, yet this is not the definition that dictionaries tell you, or what society says ie. an unmarried woman, a woman/young girl who has not had sexual intercourse, a celibate or the Virgin Mary. Even check what wiki says about a virgin.

The Virgin is quite different, yet the definition you know came from society and especially the patriachal suppression of women, especially through Christianity where the true meaning of a Virgin could not be portrayed.

The real Virgin please stand up!

In days of old the Maiden or Virgin was a woman who looks only to herself. She is self-contained, self-sufficient and self-aware, who celebrates life through her actions, her energies are her own. – sounds like a lot of modern day women to me!

A Virgin or Maiden is complete. She is not celibate, on the contrary, she enjoys and delights in the sensuality and sexuality of her body and thus complete with out the need for marriage or child or lover. – again sounds like a lot of awakening women who practice Tantra with me.

MMM so, I can’t imagine the son of God being born of a Virgin Mary who celebrated her womanhood, her sensuality and sexuality – was this was she was changed to be accepted and not judged, or is Mary the High Priestess Mary Magdalene? I’m smiling, sounds more aligned to me.

I’ll leave you to go into your womb wisdom and decide the juice of Virgo the Virgin.

Blessings for the New Moon and the new cycle, I truly feeling into this new chapter.