We Hope 

We hope that 🔻2019🔺 is the beginning of the life you yearn to live.

We hope you shine bright in the TRUTH of who you are – no matter what.

We hope you begin to change the narrative of the story of fear, remembering F.E.A.R is false expectation altering reality.

We hope you embrace the COURAGE and strength to make a leap for what makes your heart beat, – what does turn you on and make your heart beat? Not just in the bedroom.

We hope you do at least one thing a day that ignites your PASSION and kindles the fire of your soul.

We hope you have the STRENGTH and courage to not disbelieve when life gets uncomfortable and challenges you.

We hope you don’t listen to other people’s projections that are more about them than you.

We hope you allow this NEW in and ABANDON with gratitude what sucked your energy dry in 2018.

We hope you FORGIVE yourself for the times you didn’t stay true to you, got swayed, reacted, or lost your path.

We hope when these happen, you PAUSE, BREATHE, PRAY and ask for help to (re) COMMIT to your hearts DESIRE.

we hope We hope you release the habitual ways of doing and TAKE A RISK to be open to RECEIVE.

We hope you express LOVE to yourself and others. Love conquers and HEALs all.

We hope this is your best year.

We hope this for you, everyone you tag or share this with.

For we are practicing all of this too for ourselves for our life and best year yet.

🙏 Jai ShivaShakti 🔻🔱🔺
Jai Ma!