Let passion be your fuel!

I understand that many of us are taught not to connect to our passion, let alone let passion be your fuel in life. Yet what Tantra has taught me is when you are passionate about something or someone and dare I say yourself, your energy and vibration are higher. What this means is you attract and magnetise what you desire. So let me ask you?

What is your passion in life?

What is your Y E S?

What makes your heart beat?

and if you don’t know, don’t worry, that’s where I help you to connect with it!

let-passion-be-your-fuelHaving worked with 1000’s of women over nearly 30 years, most are starving for intimacy and connection, with themselves and others, but especially with their own body. This hunger is either ignored or pacified or controlled because that is what they have been taught. Women have been taught to be in control, that way they are more accepted, by men, other women and society. How about if we shifted into a new paradigm?

I am here to feed your body a new kinda delicacy through Tantra Yoga practices. They empower you to get really comfortable within your own body and in time arouse a new passion in you that raises your self-esteem and confidence. Imagine learning the tools to feel good in your body and accept the changes that naturally occur in your body through out your monthly cycle.

Or you can carry on running on empty, with low energy, tiredness, frustration, feeling lonely.

The life you’re living can be an amazing journey or quite the opposite. Which is yours? Are you satisfied and fulfilled? Or bored and yearn for more?

I believe passion for living is the very fuel to motivate. I’m here to help you connect with yourself primarily, heal any traumas, release the blockages that hold you back. This is the first step. Then your relationships take you on a new wild ride…and your most intimate relationship, this ride takes you to ecstasy… if you seek it.

Yet I know let’s be realistic, life isn’t always a smooth ride, there’s bumps or twists and turns. But you are the driver and have the power within you to navigate your experiences with confidence and the tools I give you. So why get stuck at a red light or settle for any thing less? when you have so much more potential.

Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames ~ Rumi

let passion be your fuelAre you ready to set your life on fire and let passion be your fuel?

Great, let my passion be your mirror. I’ll show you how to connect to your Tantric energy so easily, that this energy helps you to say YES. Let’s ignite the energy within you through Tantra’s Sex Magic to clear away the frustrations and boost your self-esteem. This transforms your life  so you see the change in many of your relationships : work, friendship, family, love.

All relationships begin with you. This is where we begin.

I work outside of the box. I am there to coach you to feel safe and secure and truly know you are enough.

I personally know these methods work, I was single, lonely and frustrated in life. Tantra gave me the keys to empower me to connect with myself and my body. I am now happily married, living in the tropics and share want I have learn over a 30 years – my story tells you more.

Are you ready to go deeper?

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