In the Goddess Series, I’ve shared the form of Durga called Kali in the first 3 days of Navaratri. Now the next 3 days are dedicated to the aspect of Durga known as Lakshmi, the Goddess of beauty, abundance, fertility. Her story teaches you what you need to embrace when beauty and love are lost or discarded. Just like Durga needs to called in, so does Lakshmi.

when beauty and love are lost or discarded Lakshmi is the deepest soul, churned through the life to reveal your inner beauty, so you may fall deeply in love with yourself.

Are you ready to blow your conch shell and ask Ma Durga to assist you further on your journey? Especially to help you if/when beauty and love are lost or discarded…

Remember she needs to be asked?

She remains hidden until you call Her to take form as the frequency within you… and then, oh then She is sooooo present, so very luminous!


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful

than the risk it took to blossom ~ Anais Nin


when beauty and love are lost or discardedThis quote from Anais Nin holds great meaning to me and my own acceptance of the beauty and love I hold for myself – read more here. The practices I am sharing are not attempts to fix yourself, or to change anything, or to get rid of anything. The practices help to lift the masks, so you embrace all of you, to reconnect with the inherent powerful pulsating feminine… The practices undress you and bring us nakedly to the present moment and there in the bareness deepest longings are fulfilled. One of the profound practices I teach in retreats is to embrace a secret Goddess Mudra, yet its really a whole body mudra. It helps you to blossom from the bud or the contractions in life when beauty and love are lost and discarded.

Are you ready to close your eyes now and feel into blossoming as a woman?

I invite you through this story of Lakshmi, where the ever blossoming symbolism of beauty and love were discarded. I also invite you to let go of the grip on life, that women often have with the multi tasking, the endless agendas and to-do lists. Just take a moment to close your eyes, slip beneath the surface that you are often so loyal to and dive into the watery realm of the heart to embrace your goddess within. Go wherever your body invites you to release the grip and come into the creativity, the receptivity and the juicy flow…

We are all born of mother’s and indeed are all mother’s nurturing the seeds of our intentions… Navratri is honouring the Mother, Ma Durga. Kali’s abode is in your yoni, to transform you from your root chakra or your root beliefs. She empowers you to cut through the limitations, where you have lost or discarded love or beauty. Then the next three days are invoking Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of beauty, wealth and abundance, and her abode is the heart. Lakshmi’s invitation is to embrace the healing within your heart and reconnect with love, self-love.

What I love is, Lakshmi is the one who removes any idea of separation 
between our spirituality and our so-called ordinary or daily life. So now as you observe your ordinary life:

  • What aspects have you discarded or lost?
  • Do you feel someone at sometime has discarded you love?
  • Do you feel beautiful?

The invitation is to heal the separation within yourself and then you will see, feel beyond reason, beyond time and space, beyond the rights and wrongs… all is One.

Everyone has felt separation – who has not had a broken heart or felt discarded or rejected? This story offers you shakti keys when beauty and love are lost or discarded – or have you ever been the one rejecting this at some level?

Every moment you remember or feeling yourself gripping, or tightening up, which plays havoc with your hormones, gather yourself, every aspect of your self as the story is about to share with you.

Let go ~ Lean in ~ Receive

To your blossoming into being and beauty.

Love all ways,

Michelle ❤

ps. you may like to read the whole story with all the symbolism in my blog from a few years ago in Lakshmi’s story – The Churning of the Ocean of Milk