On the 1st day of Navaratri, the festival honouring the Divine Feminine, I offer you this video on Women’s Empowerment with the Goddess that transformed my true self and my life.

Women's EmpowermentThis is for Every Woman willing to remember, awaken and embrace her authentic self… who she truly is; a pulsating, living breathing expression of the powerful Divine Feminine, who’s essence is peace and nurturing love.

I invite you in my exploration of the Goddess Series to embrace your many faces, every single one of them, for they form you as the woman you are!

The practices are not attempts to fix yourself, or to change anything, or to get rid of anything ~ the practices help to lift the masks, to embrace all of you, to reconnect with the inherent powerful pulsating feminine… Your yoga undresses you and brings you nakedly to the present moment and there in the bareness, your deepest longings are fulfilled.

It is right here, inside this acceptance, our deepest longings are fulfilled.

are you open to receive them?

This ancient story for  modern Women’s Empowerment offers you some keys, that just may open the doors to your own awakening. I have a few blogs offering my love and devotion to Ma Durga, this one in particular shares more on symbolism of Durga, Women’s Empowerment and leads you onto how Ride Your Lion and what this means. Imagine riding this hot furry animal between your legs! I think I’d rather this than a lion breathing down my neck, how about you?