2018 Blessings

2018 Blessings to you…The gateways for 2018 are now open. May Maha Shakti, the great Goddess shower you with blessings to create and step into your soul’s purpose.
2018 Blessings

I’ve been away, well I’ve been away between realms I might say. So I thought as I sit here in todays Full Moon in my own birth sign of Cancer, I’d break my silence and I’d wish you blessings for the New Year.

The New Year is a threshold space too between the old and new of what we desire to bring into fruition. The old from 2017 needs to die and released for the new of 2018 to blossom. And yes! You may have to sit in the liminal space of the unknown as life shows you where you need to focus to magnetise what you truly want and what does and doesn’t serve you. so…

 What is your desire?

Or have been taught you ‘should’ renounce desire, not have attachments to things or desire is bad or a sin?

Tantra teaches that desire is the very spark that ignites the passion for your soul’s purpose and is created through intention. Utilise the practice in Tantra to awaken to the depths of your being or soul to bring your desire/intention to life. Your whole life is about desire, from what you choose to eat, to desire for a lover, or desire to create new life or desire to help others feel better within themselves. In fact we all came into being through sexual union where at least one, hopefully both people had a desire.

My Story to 2018 Blessings

I said a thankful good-bye to 2017 – my most challenging year in a very long time. As I have sat in reflection the light of Cancerian Full Moon has been calling me home to me. I am a Cancerian and a lover of the Moon, maybe you know that about me if you follow me. and for me experiencing the full Moon in my own sign on the first day of 2018 is a potent blessing. This is also a Red Moon for me personally and so I am shedding on another level and truly embarking o na new cycle. ( more on Red and white Moons very soon)

Cancer is all about, home, nurturing, commitment – where do you need to recommit to nurture your home? In Tantra remember your body is viewed as a temple and is the home where the god/goddess of your own unique awareness resides. May you devote more time to be in your body and offer devotion to her/him? How might this look or feel for you? Maybe your a busy mum and it’ll mean 1 hour to yourself a week to have a bath with essentials oils or a massage. or maybe you begin to meditate the feminine way… what is that? another post coming soon.

2018 Blessings from TaraAs I’ve nurtured my home by being away from social media. And the goddess that has been holding me in my own temple for months is Tara the second Mahavidya : The Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles, the Provider, the Saviour

I am a goddess worshipper, especially of Kali and you might see the resemblance. There are differences (again another blog) Tara is clearly pregnant with the potential of endless creation and recreation. She holds you as you cross over between the known and unknown, or holds you so motherly (Like the cancer Full Moon Mother) as you feel lost in the unknown. Tara removes fear, and is the one who governs emotions and their expression. She holds the power of sound. (I’ll share a potent sound healing meditation too)

Tara carries you across the liminal space. That is, she serves as a bridge for you go between two realms. Maybe you have lost yourself or are experiencing challenges that seems endless and are leaving you so very doubtful or in fear. Or maybe you’ve giving up.  Tara is present and carries you in the unknown. Tara has been my mythic mother goddess who has held me through days of rivers of tears as I’ve cleansed and purified my soul, so I know her very well.

Tara also means star, so I am going to share what the Vedic astrology that spoke to me.

2018 Blessings through Vedic Astrology

Dr Katy shared a powerful email today “the horoscope of this new year, 2018, wishes to teach us: Any moment could be the end.
It happens only once every 28 years that Saturn transits the very center of the Milky Way galaxy – where he’s sitting now in the sky. Here he delivers life’s ultimate lesson: Time is limited. Time is disruptive. And the time is now.
What that means is that everything can and will change without your consent or permission…..As 2018 begins, Jupiter and Mars are transiting the star constellation, Vishakha, “The Fork in the Road.” Jupiter is Guru. He’s your wisdom -your inner guidance. And Mars is your willpower.”

So what choice will you make this year?

If any moment could be the end – live like you have nothing to lose. Stop sitting on the fence saying ‘I will do this when….” Or “when I have this then…”

Dr Katy goes on “This year begins with the full Moon transiting Mrgashira, which is the domain of goddess Parvati – the “mother of invention.”
I love this! this is so Fabulous – Parvati is inviting you to create…if you dont want to create something and leave it as a legacy. Then create the life you desire as you live in the moment as if it’s your last. Life if fragile. Now is the time. Why Dr Katy says more :

“2017 Saturn moved signs. Not just any sign. He moved into Mula – the 9 stars at the very center of the Milky Way galaxy. He moved to the root. To the core. To the center. And it’s like he’s opened the door to the closet where you’ve just thrown everything you plan to get to later. Now it all comes tumbling out. He wants that mess cleaned up!”

So you see, this began in 2017 with Saturn and he’s gone to the very centre for you and me to truly get to the root of our desires and if you know anything of me or my work I go straight to the root, the first chakra, Muladhara to bring healing for shakti to rise.

Personally I have so felt all of this in 2017, that’s why I write. I needed to lose so very much, including myself to reconnect to what truly matters. As I’ve been held with Tara she given me her scissors. Their purpose is to cut through unwanted habits thus freeing the individual to realise their authentic nature. So if you need to renounce = renounce the unwanted habits and blossom in your home fully like the first Full Moon of 2018 and the lotus that Tara also holds. For the 2018 Blessings will come when you truly tidy up those closets!

A practice for you :

  • Go beneath the Full Moon in the next 3 nights and feel your feet on the earth
  • Open your mind to the heavens light.
  • Then feel your desire in your body, the holy temple of your soul,
  • Let her light (the moon) awaken what you feel in your bones.
  • What do you want/desire/yearn for right now?


Blessings to you from my heart
With abundant love,
Michelle Cross-Hoyte xoxo