Aries Full Moon

Are you ready to get clear this Aries Full Moon and let me illuminate how to come more fully into loving yourself? I hope so! this Full Moon is so potent, let me share with you why…

This is also known as the Harvest Moon as this time of year you are reaping the harvest for what you have sown across the year.

I’ve been teaching all week in my classes online and in person in Barbados and in my Facebook Group about Sacred Union. I will share in this Aries Full Moon musing the connections they all have.

Aries Full Moon


Aries Full Moon is symbolised by the Ram or the glyph is the sprout. So even in this harvest time of year where the autumn is coming and it’s not spring and sprouts, I wish for you to dive deep into the ground of your own being. In this soil of you, your soul;



  • What do you yearn to sprout forth in the last part of 2017?
  • What is still wanting to come forth?

The Full Moon, as the name suggests is about fullness.The Full Moon also represents power, clarity, fertility, the urge to merge, energy, passion and bring everything you’ve been working on to fruition. The Full Moon invites you to gaze lovingly over your whole life with the fullness of your own being and see the fullness of your own light in your life. This is the harvest  ~ all your successes, even all of your failures, so you embrace all of you. Every single one has allowed you to come into the fullness of you…

Your yoga now is to allow yourself to ground down and feel this rising energy, like a sprout emerging. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel, hence the sprout, it is a fire sign and so this sign initiates the fire of transformation for the last part of 2017. The Ram literally rams out of the way the fears, the doubts, the insecurities or obstacles that are in your way. So you come to shine fully in this Aries Full Moon.

Aries is about confidence and clarity. Aries motivates you as you harvest to sprout forth your last seed intentions for 2017.

Sacred Union and the Aries Full Moon

As I teach Tantra, many ask do I need to be in a relationship to practice Tantra? No, is the simple answer.

The most important relationship is the one with yourself. Being in your own body in a healthy way, then connecting to the world around you is a great beginning.  Invoke in this Aries Full Moon, the sprout of loving and honouring yourself, first. Then you come into right relationship with yourself. It is then so much more beautiful to enter into relationship with others.

In my Sacred Union classes I’ve taught and coached about self love. This Aries full Moon I am inviting you to ignite the fire element of Aries to burn away the doubts and fears so you sprout the practice of self love within the ground of your being.

AriesFullMoonThis for women is an eternal practice. Just as the moon changes phases/faces each month, so do we as women. One phase/face we love ourself and aspects of our bodies and other times of the month we do not. We all have body shame. So at this Aries Full Moon I am inviting you to ram out the obstacles that are limiting you from seeing your own light more fully. Come with me and all the women I have taught in my circle to ram out the fears, the insecurities and where you lack confidence. How we answer honestly these questions.

Here are some contemplations:

  • Where are you confident in your life? Celebrate this fully and often
  • Now where are you less confident? or Where do you lack confidence?


Now this is a biggie Ladies…

If Aries is about confidence and clarity, I would like you to get super clear, offer yourself fully, pause with your breath, so you step into your power, step into your fullness, step into the fire of transformation of Aries Full Moon as I ask these questions on self love :

  • What part of your body are you not confident about or do not love?
  • Where do you  or with who do you lack confidence to express yourself emotionally?
  • Where in your intimate life do you lack confidence sexually?

Aries full moonI would like to embrace the sprout of the Aries to let this sprout of self love begin to grown in the depth of the ground of your being. When you marry and merge your daily life with your spiritual life and this includes your sex life or sexuality, there is sacred union.

This Aries Full Moon for me is weaving together everything on the Tantra path. To get fully clear, so self love begins to sprout fully in your life. Let the practice of self love grow fully each day so soon your love for yourself is as bright and as potent as the Aries full Moon today.

The whole year had been leading me up to this point of honouring and embracing myself in every sense. I’ve had had to let go of some body shame I was holding onto. Now I see myself, listen to myself and know above all I truly matter and will make a difference! I feel the power of the Mother Moon urging me to open and explore more fully, so I help others to do the same…

  • Do you want to be seen?
  • Do you want to be heard?
  • Do you truly want to matter?

What I am harvesting after a very challenging year is I have come into my own power as a women; I am ripe, turned onto life and all it has to offer and a longing to share this with you. Are you with me? if you answer yes come to my group or come in person to my retreat where we honour a fire ritual at the Full Moon! We will burn away the doubts and fear and honour you fully, with love.