How Do You Cultivate Unshakeable Trust?

This last week I’ve been exploring trust and how to cultivate unshakeable trust, especially within myself. Why? Because sometimes situations in life arise when you lose trust or someone questions your authenticity. This is what happened to me. At first I’ll be honest I was going to hide, flight and freeze, which is my go to after I have been fighting. Yet I didn’t thanks to a fellow Yogini who inspired me more than she knows. As I began to look within and see the pattern, my practice became one to deepen the commitment to my sadhana, my spiritual practice and rest in the truth of who I am. This means the outer circumstances are mirroring to me where I need to do more work to integrate the shadow aspects of myself. As I began to practice and turn inwards I let go of the stress, the fight and flight response and came back to my heart. Quite literally through what I am about to share with you. The practice held my hand to trust in me and my life and trust in the process.

Cultivate Unshakeable Trust

Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes to cultivate unshakeable trust..

So when life threw me a curve ball, I caught it and began to teach my favourite practices of mudra, within the flow of yoga. The theme; ‘T R U S T’ exactly where you need to be in life, in the pose and be content with who you are. The practices guide you  and supports you from a place of deep inner knowing. So here’s the Mudras I love to invoke to cultivate trust.

A mudra is a hand gesture that mystically changes the energy within your body. When you are stressed, threatened, feel hurt or betrayed the body goes into fight, flight or freeze. These practices help to move you into a place of deep knowing of trust, faith and confidence, all inherent within you. I believe this is the path of your soul. In my blog Awaken and Arouse, I share the story  of the rose, which represents the awakening of the King/Queen of your soul, learn how to awaken your Queen or King.

Vajrapradama Mudra ~ The gesture of unshakeable Trust

Vajrapradama Mudra to cultivate unshakeable trust


 Cultivates unshakeable trust

 Through trust you cultivate self confidence

 Awakening Mudra


What is Vajra?

Vajra is a mythic weapon, a thunderbolt and also diamond. The vajra helps to defeat self doubt, fears, guilt, shame or any other limiting emotion. A thunderbolt in yogic terms is symbolic of an awakening process. When this begins it is powerful, sometimes you may cause awakenings by invoking a situation, or life gives you a thunderbolt to awaken you, which is not always pleasant but when it begins like the birthing process. Like all birthing processes, literally or metaphoric the more you resist, the more pain there is, so you need to learn to ride the energy. Vajrapradama teaches you how to ride the energy of self limiting beliefs and cultivate unshakeable trust.

Vajra is also a diamond. Now who doesn’t love diamonds, especially Goddesses! A diamond rises from the centre of the earth, under extreme heat and pressure, where  it is polished to shine in all its glory. The diamond has many facets just like the many faces and aspects of women.

Practice with Vajra empower you to embrace all of these diverse aspects of the feminine that come to make up One luminous woman, that at her essence is like a diamond – radiant and indestructible!

Vajrapradama mudra i’ve found to be transformative in polishing my inner light.

Vajrapradama is a mudra where you touch yourself.  My invitation here is to metaphorically allow the practice to begin to touch you more deeply and powerfully. This mudra helps to polish you as a Yogini. And a yogini is a feminine practitioner of Yoga; my teacher Chameli Aargh describes a Yogini as ::

“a Yogini is a woman devoted to a life lived with totality of heart with fierce truth, compassion and unconditional love. She practices for her own radiant embodiment of awakening and love, as well as for the healing of all sentient beings!”

Benefits of Vajrapradama Mudra ::

 increases energy and enthusisam
 enhances sensitivity and opens heart
 builds confidence, spiritual confidence
 polishes so you become more radiant
How to practice Vajrapradama Mudra to cultivate unshakeable trust ::

Bring your hands in front of your heart space and interlace your fingers, with the thumbs pointing up, like a thunderbolt. Now rest your hands on your spiritual heart. The Mudra weaves all aspects of yourself together in front of your heart. I like to sense that I am entwining everything together for awakening. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly, I don’t judge or deny aspects of myself and I invite you to do the same. When you hole this mudra in this way, you may stand in your truth, the truth of who you are as a woman embracing all her powerful feminine essence!

So as you begin weave all your many diverse qualities together and entwine the masculine, the right hand, with the feminine, the left hand, as they entwine together feel the touch of their union within you.  As you hold your hands, sense you are bring everything before your sacred heart for transformation and healing.

Remember dear Yogini, The portal into your experience are your feelings, they are the gateways to your soul, so what ever is arising honour it. Even the fears, doubts, hesitations, anger, pain, betrayal; they are the portals into your body where you meet the Divine.

As I said this is an awakening mudra, sometimes the darker feelings may arise before they are polished and you see the light. Hold this mudra lightly. If you are gripping the fingers, to cultivate unshakeable trust, you may need to lessen the grip in this mudra and let that be a metaphor for lessening the grip and control in your life. Trust the process and the truth of who you are will soon emerge, so brightly…

Sometimes you need a little help to transform – yes?

Let’s invoke Kali Mudra

Kali Mudra initiates and invokes power and courage to transform by igniting the fire within to burn away your limitations, – what are yours?

benefits of Kali Mudra ::

Kali Mudra to cultivate unshakeable trust Invokes courage and confidence and clarity

 Awakens, enlivens

ॐ Increases energy

How to Practice Kali Mudra

From Vajrapradama Mudra bring your palms together like in prayer (Anjali Mudra). The fingers of right and left hand stay entwined, but point index fingers up, like a thunderbolt and cross the thumbs. Hold this Kali Mudra in front of your heart.  I share more on Kali Mudra here

Both Mudras entwine the right and left hands/fingers together. The right is masculine and the left feminine. The entwining is the coming together of your masculine and feminine energies/frequencies or essences as one. Like the many facets of the diamond. The mudras begin to polish the diamond just by you holding your hands in these gestures. All you need to observe is if you are gripping. Kali Mudra invites you to release the grip on life and trust in your power and courage.

Cultivate Unshakeable Trust in a Mudra Flow

Cultivate Unshakeable Trust


Picture 1

Take a comfortable seat in Vajrasana, which is kneeling position. You may sit on a cushion, knees together or wide like mine. If wide, inner spiral your inner thighs, then lengthen our tailbone into the space the arching your back created. This anchors you and opens the sacrum, which is know as the sacred space.

Now bring your hands into Vajrapradama Mudra, begin to breath deep full breaths. Ujjayi Pranayama if you know.  If you wish inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth. Exhaling out the mouth releases more negative energy.

As you hold your hands lightly before your heart, feel your chest/breast rise into your hands. feel into this connection and let this connection begin to cultivate trust in deeper connection of the whole of you. The rising of your chest is symbolic of the yogini rising to every challenge. Just as the breast nurture, let all your experience nurture you to blossom more and more.

stay here for as long as you wish

How does this mudra feel?

Picture 2

Now if you need to let go limitations, bring your hands into Kali Mudra in. front of your heart. You are invoking Kali, the fierce form of the Feminine that cuts through all fears, doubts, and brings you to truth. Kali resides in your yoni and womb and is the fire in your sacred belly. That yearn to be who you truly are. With Kali’s courage and power you transform the fears and limitations of fight and flight and trauma. Feel into this.

Inhale now and thunderbolt your arms up to the heavens. Feel the courage in between your hands rising upwards, enlivening and awakening you. Let your hands and arms ignite the fire of transformation churning in your sacred belly and let the flame begin to rise with each exhalation. Stay here a few breaths and feel the fire of transformation rising more and more. Inhale invite the breath down into your belly, womb and yoni where the first 3 chakras are and as you exhale sense the breath rises up your body. This is the Tantra way of breathing circulating the breath.

Picture 3

Now, Inhale as yours arms reaching higher like flames, exhale draw the hands of Kali Mudra out and down in front of you at heart level. This movement is Kali’s sword of truth, feel the fire of transformation at your heart, and invoke the intention ‘I am ready to transform, let my soul show me the way’. Let the love and truth of your soul speak to you. Observe how kindling the flames of truth in the heart feels. Inhale exhale here a few breaths.

Picture 4

Now inhale and bring Kali Mudra stretched out in front of you at arms length to Vajrapradama mudra touching your heart. Observe the feeling. You may feel deep grounding, peace and contentment. This all begin to give your he foundation of trust.

Vinyasa to cultivate unshakeable trust through mudra

Inhale and exhale Vajrapradama at heart

Inhale Kali Mudra to heavens to invoke faith I the fire of transformation

Exhale Kali Mudra sword of truth out in front of you at the heart – with the intention ‘I am ready to transform, let my soul – the Queen or King show me the way’

Inhale Vajrapradama to he heart and exhale let trust permeate your whole being.

Repeat this breath and mudra sequence with intention as many times as you wish. or hold the mudras and feel.