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How do you connect the Feminine and Pleasure?

feminine and pleasureI feel the feminine and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. Pleasure is a portal that invites a woman to feel into her feminine. The Feminine body is like an instrument and the music that she makes depends on many different melodies in her life. However at her essence, her feminine body is sensual in nature, she is soft, alive, awake, curvy. She’s throbbing and pulsating with life, with this life force energy that permeates everything, which is the music the instrument makes.

If you’re a woman do you feel like this within your body?

We’ve been given this body to experience life, our feelings are the portals or gateways into the body and feeling is part of the senses. So an awake feminine body is like an instrument that receives life through all of her senses and as she goes within and listens, she shares essence as her unique chord in the music of life. This feminine energy is so healing and soothing to us all.


My journey with the Feminine and Pleasure

I have found that the practices of yoga awakening you from within Yes, it’s as if they are fine tuning this instrument of your body, to a different frequency so you begin to resonate with life in a deeper way.  Yoga and Tantra has opened new doors to the symphony of life for me.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet & the wind longs to play with you’re your hair ~ Khalil Gibran

Being in tune with your body, living and moving from the senses is an experience of being in deep connection with the earth, where we are in constant communication with your surroundings. Mother Earth is present everyday, you you feel you feet being supported by her? This is why I offered the quote from Khalil Gibran;  when you begin to awaken it’s as if the earth delights to feel your bare feet caress her.

I’ve found the discovery of awakening to the Feminine, awakening to my feminine essence easier by myself, as opposed to with my partner.  I was fortunate that my partnership had been a long distance one from 2009-2014, so I have a lot of time in between us  coming together to awaken to what it means to be feminine for me. I began to dive into the feminine tantra practices that I teach/coach today.

When I learnt to resonate from this feminine space and I reunite with my partner between those years, it was a whole other journey of receiving. I would let my partner’s masculine presence permeate me, empower me further, so I then empower him. I didn’t use to be like this…. I was very much within my own masculine realms, competing with my partner – so if this is you be patient, and I invite you to soften and allow your partner to provide, to do the doing and as you un-do the doing, you both rise….

The Feminine longs for…

The feminine body yearns for connection and pleasure, she longs to be seen, to be heard, to be touched and all of these are sensory. This journey primarily begins with the most important relationship – the one with yourself.

Feminine-and-PleasureHow do you connect with the feminine and pleasure?

How do you connect with your feminine essence?

Don you honour your  feminine nature, by tuning in to her?

What I have learnt through tantra since 2009 is when you tune in to t he feminine, to shakti, which is is feminine essence, it’s as if she guides you and fine tunes you;  because you honour her.

So how do become more in tune?

Through the senses and pleasure!

The Feminine body experiences life as a sensual experience, the feminine is a connoisseur in pleasure, she longs for pleasure and receives this through the senses and the more she receives pleasure, the more it tunes the instrument of you. It’s as though she becomes this instrument of receptivity.


The feminine is a sensual experience.  The modern day, logical, analytical, competitive way of life, that is normal in society these days, is very much a masculine way. Life has become more product driven or goal orientated, which is a masculine way of life. This step up to produce and do that is  geared towards the masculine, has created an imbalance, especially for the feminine.

This is why so many women these days feel they are not awake in their body, they feel separate, detached, not fully present and even parts of the body or mind are numb, just to cope with life. It is as if our instruments have become out of tune and life or our reactions to life have tightened the strings of the instrument far too tightly. And now the modern women have tight bodies, that resonates with a tenseness, or tension. We’re experiencing life and feelings in a tense way because we live in a tense world, in a tense body.

 Gratitude for tuning in to open…

feminine-and-pleasureThankfully the feminine practices allow you to become soft again, to relax once again, to open up, so you begin to tune your body, to resonate in a sweeter more receptive way. Then you receive the healing life force around you and with in you. The more you relax and open your body, the more this healing force comes through and awakening the senses.

When you become more in tune, you listen within to the non-verbal communication, like the whispers of the hearts and maybe this makes music. The music is the wisdom singing to you.

In 2014 before I got married and moved my life from London to Barbados, I was teaching a lot about the feminine and pleasure. I had been immersed in tantra for 5 years and it was so natural to share. I had made a meditation, which I share in this blog and that is why I remember so potently one class I taught. It was called :

“Delight ~ Play ~ Awaken”

Feminine and Pleasure I used the quote from Khalil Gibran:  Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet & the wind longs to play with you’re your hair. I invited the women fine tune the instrument of their bodies to hum to a different tune. I invoked the feminine and began to weave her power, presence and grace into the class. I taught the women how to ground and feel the earth. This give intimacy a place to land in the body. I then shared the potent vinyasa flows that I teach so the women felt the ripples of shakti within them. It was as if shakti was the wind caressing their hair!

here’s what a couple of ladies said

Jennifer: “Thanks for the class tonight, it was beautiful.  Really amazing.. thank you! It was empowering as well to feel that as a group of women together we could unite in empowering ourselves, the spirit of the group can really give a boost to something positive happening for everybody.”

Teri: “the class beautiful, I resonated with all you said”

The Feminine and Pleasure to Awaken Your Senses

Throughout history all cultures have recognized this feminine force. She is recognised in religions to, like Hindu she is called Shakti, the bible The Holy Spirit. This feminine essence has been threatening, especially to the structured religions and so it has suppressed or shutdown. Fortunately other cultures have also recognized this sensual, feminine force and honour it as the Divine. This is the path I choose to follow

feminine and pleasureTo awaken the senses is a deep spiritual practice and the great news for women is it’s an easy one for the feminine. One of the greatest gifts a woman can give herself is experiencing pleasure. This can be the simple moment to moment awareness of feeling rather than taking the feeling up to the brain and analyzing it. A powerful feminine practice, that invokes pleasure is to stroke the skin lightly, or stroke the body and notice how the touch invites you deeper into your body. You’ve been given this body as a portal, a gateway, an instrument to receive and to play… Do you?


When you become aware of your senses, you become more present and this allows you to fine tune your instrument and dance with the music you make….

I am beginning to share a lot more on Tantra, the Feminine and Pleasure, yet for now here’s the meditation I talked of earlier.

I invite you to give yourself permission, ladies, to drop in and have now goal or agenda. Just feel and let what ever arises to emerge. If you want to be part of a group of women on this path, then please join me Facebook Group

Feminine and Pleasure Meditation

I hope you delight and feel the breath breathing you from within.  Enjoy turning in to the awakening from within….

Namaste, Michelle x