FREE Vinyasa Flow Videos

What to practice yoga? can’t get to class? Practice some vinyasa yoga with these free vinyasa flow videos to move and groove you!

Free Vinyasa Flow Videos

I offer you these free vinyasa flow videos to help you to feel great. Learn how to build strength, stamina, which promotes your confidence and self esteem and brings you into the flow. These are taken from the sequences in the online classes that are available to download.

I am in the videos and also am the voice that is instructing (just in case you aren’t aware), I made the videos following my own recorded class to help you remember the sequence… :-()

** please note though that i only demonstrate on one leg in some of these videos so in order to balance you must repeat video using the other leg. or if you want the whole class download go to the online-classes here.

you may also like to practice my FREE downloads that are tasters of what a full 1.5 hour class would be like, full of inspiration to help transform your every day life, ground you, empower your being and increase your energy…. want to have more of this? just try my freebies here

Warm Up Vinyasa Flow Videos

– get into your body, your feelings and let them be the portal deeper within

Chair ~ Utkatanasana free Vinyasa Flow Videos

–  take your seat of the Yogi or Yogini, the sanctuary space always available for you to call forth the courage of the Yogi or Yogini, and from here move, liberate and rejoice!

Step into your power and Purpose

~ Step into your power and purpose from the seat of the Yogi or Yogini!

Chandra Namaskar – Lunar Fluid Flow

~ Come into the Feminine Lunar Fluid flow, with its rhythmical, pulsing, circular cyclic flow, honouring the Full Moon for Guru Purnima July 2014. This begins with the right leg, please repeat on the left side for a balanced practice…

 Heart Mandala Sequence

~ open your heart to the treasures within and embrace the courage, Love and light of your heart. again this practice is for the left side this time, repeat on the right side for a balanced practice

These videos are made with love because During 2013 I introduced the deep twice monthly practice of the  Moon Sadhana, which was part of honouring the Divine feminine. these classes have been utterly liberating to witness the transformation that has been occurring within the group and also within myself. The vinyasa flow videos I share here were made out of the class that these recordings were made in, yet they are here as a guide. the videos use the class recording I made of a Full Moon class honouring my birthday in 2014 and also Guru Purnima.  I offered this class free at the time to celebrate the super Full Moon, all my teachers and now I offer you some free videos too…

I truly hope they inspire you to practice, as much as I loved teaching them and witnessing the transformation.

with love Michelle x