Kali Ma!


My Statue of Kali Ma

Kali Ma is one of my favourite goddesses….

She certainly turns your life around and for some, this may be daunting, just like looking at Kali Ma is daunting or invokes fear. She’s mirroring to you you inner fears, or doubts because the ‘battle is within yourself’  and inside that mystery there is an awakening. Kali Ma dissolves structures, just Like Shiva her male consort is the Destroyer, their dissolution is always in service of the heart. Kali Ma is actually not about violence, contrary to her imagery, she transforms this notion and those who ‘get’ her see and feel her love and benevolence. Let me explain…

Kali Ma as Time

Kali is the feminine of Kala, which means time and Kala is Shiva. the time she arrives is either when you call upon her or she appears to wake up your life! The latter is more dramatic often. Have you ever had a wake up call that you ignored? And then something else happens – another wake up call –  This is the time, She’s waking you up to realise…

This is when the structures of the familiar, habitual life you know and feel safe, dissolve, usually when you are not ready, however they are no longer serving your highest good. Have you ever had something happen when you’re in the thick of it, thinking OMGoddess or other words 🙂 and just dont understand why you are in so much pain, or are losing everything, or a relationship is crumbling completely? Then when you come through it, you think I would not have let go of that if it had not been for the the situation. This is Kali at work.

Kali Ma – the warrior

Fierce Face of GoddessNow when you first look at Kali Ma you may feel discomfort or just don’t get her – do you feel this?  Look in the mirror here because everything in your life is reflecting something back to you. Remember in my post on the Gods and Goddesses I explain more about reflection. So let’s continue – when people look at you, do they get you, really get you? Are you told you’re strange or hard or weak or needy or too much or anything else? This is the shadow aspect of the psyche, often we see in another aspects we have not yet integrated within ourselves…This is where the shadow aspect of Kali is the violence, it’s not what’s she’s about.

Kali Ma isn’t your conventional goddess adorned with gold and bling, no she wears skulls and blood, she’s kinda like the biker chick who’s caught doing something she ‘shouldn’t be’ and instead of apologises says f**k you!… Yep that’s Kali she takes no BullShit! She has no patience for the small stuff in life that keeps us contracted or small. She demands we see ourselves as love. – Now do you see yourself in her? Maybe not if you’re scared to voice your truth and stand up to the shoulds or shouldn’ts…

This is where my own personal journey with Kali Ma gave me my voice, empowered me to rise from my small self and I now teach and coach 1000’s of women to feel this for themselves. Kali is the fierce face of the feminine – post update you can see my video of her Fierce face.

Kali is black, dark and mysterious. The dark unknown that is mysterious is often feared. The darkness is the womb, the true womb from which unbound reality of creation is given birth. The warrior of Kali is inviting you to give birth to the true you!

For the Yogini

For the yogini, Kali Ma is power, the slayer of the demon fear that lives within. And when this fear is thrown out, your authenticity shines, that’s not saying go around reacting or playing out drama.

I’m saying your Kali side helps you to voice a no for example when you say yes because you think you should.

She helps you turn inwards, dissolving your old paradigm thoughts to liberate emotions into energy so you feel from this feminine body of yours. she draws all energies into their source in the heart.

Finding your Kali frequency is always ultimately about liberation, to stand firm in your truth. I LOVE THIS! She is dark and mysterious representing the womb and from this womb, which is also her abode in your body, she gives birth to new realms when the Kala (time) in right.

Kali Ma and Shiva – ahhhh pure love!Kali

In one of Kali mythic stories Kali is about to stand on Shiva, who represents presence, he meets her gaze and expresses pure love and she pauses, he wakes her up from the fierce frenzy as he sees beyond the rage and will lay everything down for her, for love. this is potent alchemy, his love wakes her up. This is potent alchemy. The feminine or shakti may be feared as she’s has the potential to be wild and fierce. We have all been intoxicated by our own feelings, and many have felt the pain of anger or rage expressed –  have you?

It might even be because of this that some have turned their backs on this side of shakti.  Kali Ma is the dynamic force of liberation and the power to cut through the false sense of self of the yogini.

In Kali standing on Shiva there is a marriage, a union of the opposite to meet in pure love. This is the inner marriage within yourself. when you are uncontrollable, angry, there is always the potential for your awareness (Shiva) to steady you. Shiva is still and even forgotten, until the power of Kali in her time has ripped through all the that’s disempowers us, our fears, shame, judgements and leaves us like corpses for us to dance upon. And there when you embrace everything about yourself, like Shiva looks at Kali, love emanates. The ultimate Divine Union.

Her wildness is symbolic – let’s look at this some more before I tell you Her Stories – and how they are your story!

The root cause of Kali’s shadow of aggression in our psyche is the sense of separation.

Kali Ma is about the birthing process!

Most believe Kali Ma to be aggressive. This is the shadow aspect of her. The root cause of Kali’s shadow is the psyche sense of separation.

Anything and everything about Kali Ma is about the birthing process, in a metaphoric sense. Kali’s abode in your body is the womb or 1st two chakras. And what you might know especially if you are a mother, when the birthing process begins you cannot stop it. Metaphorically for something to be born, old structures must die or be destroyed – this is the transformation and Kali and Shiva are the transformers or destroyers. They bring us into a new paradigm, the truth, the power, the light of your being by embracing the dark. The Oneness Kali Ma draws so sweetly forward for you to let go of everything that separates you from what you truly and utterly are!

Jai Jai Ma!

Can you hear my passion for this…. i’ve been at the end of my Kali’s whip, my whole world turned upside down, I experienced utter pain and yet in my story which I share often, I felt immense love and liberation. That is WHY I share Kali Ma, my passion for her with you!

Kali Ma and You

When your Kali frequency is at work, during this birthing process you must learn Trust.

TRUST HER, your Kali side to show you what is indestructible in you, so you shine bright like a diamond, which is indestructible….

I adore Kali Ma, She is the Ma, my mythic mother, the dark side of Durga and I see so much of my self in her – i’m wild, my long hair, my passion for truth. I see her immense beauty and I just got to observe my wilder side of reacting, which as I share the stories of Kali Ma in the next few blogs.. you will see..

let me ask you ::

Do you dare to look in her face and find the love behind the pain in life?

Maybe once you’ve read some of her stories you will answer in a different way….

Kali Ma as Sati

This is one of my favourite stories! I see so many women smiling when i tell it!

Shiva is Kali Ma consort and since we are talking about Shiva the transformer, he was once married to Sati.

Well one day Shiva and Sati were not invited to her father Daksha fire ritual, as Daksha believed Shiva is not a suitable for his daughter…. see even ancient stories have same themes as modern day. Fathers thinking the man not good enough for their little girl!

Sati wants to go and asks Shiva if she can go, but Shiva says “no!” Furious Sati gets mad and takes on her fierce form, Kali… She begins to blaze about angrily, dancing, becoming more and more intoxicating on anger and sticking her tongue out, she drinks up more of these feelings.

After a while Shiva is terrified and tries to flee.

Sati as Kali fills all the space with innumerable forms of herself until Shiva surrenders and asks

“where is my beautiful Sati”

Kali as Sita answers

” this is my real form, darling, I took on the sweet body of Sati to reward you for your many tapas (practices) and it is I who carries out the divine function the creation & destruction!”

Haha – I can just imagine Kali Ma sticking her tongue out too! Do you now see yourself as Kali? Do you see we all have sweet and light forms as well as angrier fierce sides? Both are part of the whole.

Yoga and Kali Ma

Yoga isn’t always about being peaceful and calm and sweet and nice – sometimes you need to get in touch with the darker side of ourselves to bring it out of the illusion and into the light!

Pain, fear, terror, battle are part of the creation e.g. the Big Bang or the energy that is summoned forth in the birthing process – so much energy is needed to push the baby out of the womb, it’s bloody, painful and yet is so full of creative power.

Kali Ma Symbolism

  • Skulls around her neck = the letters of the sanskrit alphabet, which she uses to manifest liberating mantras
  • Hands on the apron = the karma that ties us and she removes them from her devotees
  • Skull = this is the head of who she came into the universe to go into battle with (next story) and he/it represents the false sense of self that seperates us from Kali Ma frequency
  • Nakedness = cast away all ilusion, we are born into this world naked and in nakedness death is also revealed. life is a continual cycle
  • Darkness = mystery, the sublime way black is deep dark like the womb  and so luminous when we dive into it with no fear
  • Sword = the sword of truth, that cuts away the doubts, fear, illusion so the truth of you and life rises
  • Tongue = also part of the story… removes the constant thoughts – just stick your tongue out and get in touch with your wild side ;-). Tongue is also sticking out your tongue to judgements by others – a whole other blog!
  • Abhaya/varada mudra = fear not, i will give you what you need, trust me…. (I so do!)
  • Shiva = that’s another story i will tell, for now she is the dynamic force of the universe, the power and so she is on to