Fierce Face of Goddess – Kali Ma!

I continue with the Goddess Series from my last blog on Women’sEmpowerment, offering you today the Fierce Face of Goddess.The video is at the end if you wish to watch the Fierce Face of the Goddess first.

She is Kali Ma! the fierce face of Goddess who offers
▽ Transformation and change
▽ Freedom
▽ Surrender
▽ Awakening to the truth
▽ Strength

Kali Ma is the fierce face of  Goddess, who is
▽ A warrior
▽ Ma, the Mother
▽ An erotic lover of Shiva

She helps you
▽ When stuck in fear
▽ Afraid to move out of your comfort zone
▽ Stand in your power and purpose
▽ Purify the inner body and chakras
▽ Discover the truth in confusing situations
▽ Evolve BIG time

I absolutely love Kali Ma, her archetype stories have empowered me to embrace and accept my own Kali within, the fierce form of Goddess – the wild, passionate, fierce, fiery feminine. Kali Ma is my iṣṭa-devatā, meaning my most cherished Devi.

I also love this story because I know my man holds the space for me  to be me and loves me no matter what. So yes I can always be authentic and reveal my own fierce face, which is what the fierce face of the Goddess is about.

This is one of my favourite stories! I see so many women smiling when I tell it! so here we go!

Fierce Face of Goddess story…

Fierce Face of Goddess…Once upon a time a long long time ago, or maybe not so long ago as the story may be happening right now within your own story. There was a husband and wife, called Shiva and Sati. You might know Shiva, the Divine Masculine who upholds the paradoxically qualities of a man as one being a yogi/meditator and wild dancer, or ascetic and passionate lover. And Sati was his first wife, who sadly died and broke Shiva’s heart at the party that I am going to share about now.

One of the Fierce Face of Goddess

So the story goes, one day Shiva and Sati were not invited to her father’s fire ritual, as Daksha (Sati’s father) believed Shiva is not a suitable for his daughter…. -See even ancient stories have same themes as modern day, with father’s not approving.

Sati wants to go and asks Shiva if she can go, but Shiva says “No! Your father doesn’t like me so we are not going!”

Furious Sati gets mad and takes on her fierce form as Kali… She begins to blaze about angrily, dancing, becoming more and more intoxicating on anger and sticking her tongue out. As she does this, she drinks up more and more of these feelings becoming intoxicated.

After a while Shiva is terrified and tries to flee. But Sati as Kali fills all the space even more with the fierce face of Goddess of herself. (She even magnifies herself into 10 different forms I’ll write about in another blog). Until Shiva finally surrenders and asks

“where is my beautiful Sati”

Kali as Sita answers

” this is my real form, darling, I took on the sweet body of Sati to reward you for your many tapas (practices). It is I who carries out the divine function the creation & destruction!”

Haha – I can just imagine Kali Ma sticking her tongue out too!

Do you now see yourself as Kali?

Do you see we all have sweet and light forms as well as the fierce face of Goddess or our personalities?

Both are part of the whole.

Kali is the fierce face of Goddess! Even looking at Kali Ma is daunting or invokes fear for some. I saw her symbolism a lot more in my blog Kali Ma. She’s mirroring to you you inner fears, or doubts because the ‘battle is within yourself’  and inside that mystery there is an awakening. Kali Ma dissolves structures. She shape shifts depending on what is happening. This is her yoga to be flexible and know herself completely and be true to this. This is why I love her so and teach about her often. I empower women to come to embrace the dark as much as the light so there is no spiritual bypassing.

In Tantra the goddesses come in two types:

Shri, like the beautiful and sweet Sati, or the fierce face of goddess like Kali.

Both types are not separate as they may seem. In every Shri goddess at her heart there is a demon slayer, and if a Kali type goddess destroys, she does so in the name of rebirth.

Tantra weaves every aspect as One. So Shri and Kali interweave constantly shape shifting when the time arises.

Interestingly Kali, is the feminine for Kala which means time. Mythology reveals the truths to those who hear the stories. This one reminds you to embrace the dark and light or the shri/sweet with the dark/fierce. We all have sweet and fierce aspects that may be called upon in different situations. And in fact a true man is not afraid of the dark, you’ll learn why now…

Why does Shiva loves the fierce face of Goddess?

It is said that Shiva always loves his wife as Kali, because she speaks the truth and is not afraid to reveal her authenticity, because she knows in her heart he loves her. Even in her darkest moments.

In the video I am about to share, I share another story of the birth of Kali. You can read more about it in the emergence of Kali Ma.

I also share why women are always right and how Shiva has learnt this and how any man can learn this. – I can’t tell you how many older men ask my husband or more tell him, ‘don’t disagree with her ” I smile and laugh sweetly, but they she Ma Kali in me!

This is why Shiva is the most desirable lover, husband and God and the modern day man desires to uphold his essence. Take a look at my blog Kali Love and discover why women are always right, my own story of how me and my husband became more in love as I shared my fierce face of Goddess/Me. I’l also share how we have learnt not to share the fierce face of Goddess just so we are accepted.

with all my love to Kali Ma and as Kali Ma, the Fierce Face of Goddess

enjoy her story, and I hope you see aspects of you…and remember go check out my blog on Kali’s Tongue…fro ma tantra perspective!