Maha Shivaratri & New Moon








The New Moon known as Amavasya in Sanskrit is a time dedicated to the god Shiva and today is known as Maha Shivaratri, the Great Night of Shiva when he married Shakti and is on the day before the New Moon in the Hindu calendar month Maagha. I have been honouring Shiva for years and he has helped me to truly come into my own presence, hence I write about him, the rituals and cycles with great love.


Shiva is the Auspicious One, and mirrors to us our own auspiciousness, He is limitless consciousness and He mirror to us qualities of strength, steadiness, courage and wisdom through his awareness. He is the Divine Masculine.

New Moon

As you may know, I’ve been honouring the cycles moon with my Moon Sadhanas, inviting us to come into deeper rhythms with nature. The last day before the New Moon is the darkest night of the month and sometimes the darkness is mirrored in your own life. If you have not been aware of this dark time or the follow the rhythms of the Moon,  it takes hold of you, maybe throws you off balance, up roots you as there is a strong pull of grounding, apace, energy. The days before the new moon can rock your world, pull you in all directions, if you are not aware of this natural shift. and so this is the time to pause, reflect, slow down and turn inwards to the darkness and bring it to light just as the new Moon turns to Full Moon.


The Moon is associated with the mother and with feminine energy and represents your deepest personal needs, your habits, reactions, and your unconscious

The Moon is facilitates the awareness of the inner world and the outer world, coming into a rhythmical ebb and flow of activity and energy. This is why I love to practice New Moon Sadhana and have recorded classes for you to do so too. the New Moon as its name suggest is time of newness, an opportunity for renewal, tuning in, turning in, and begin a new cycle. what do you wish to renew? or maybe you wish to renew existing projects with new eyes…or renew your relationships with love, or deepen the relationship with yourself.  would you like to plant a seed of intention for change for your life? what do you wish to renew?

For you…

As a householder maintaining a steady rhythm may be challenging, however at this Maha Shivaratri and New Moon the invitation is to turn steadily inwards to reflect on your inner world, like the great meditator Shiva who she not in eternal love-making with Shakti, goes off to Mount Kailash top meditate for eons. As a Yogini ritual and sadhana are at the centre of my life and this also surfaces challenges for me to evolve from. however these challenges are potent and connect me with the larger cycles within nature that are effecting every being on this planet simultaneously and welcoming us to become in harmony. This is why this year I am honouring Sacred Union for you to come into this harmony too…


I invite you into your sadhana, your practice is to align your life with the sacred flow, during the fertile darkness of amavasya, the New Moon and Maha Shivrarti,  is a creative opportunity to be in true presence, like that of Shiva, dance with the  change, create balance for difficulties and sustain the creative flow to come into One.

and if you stumble, make it part of the dance of Life!


with love

Michelle xx

ps enjoy the dance!