Honouring Sacred Union



Hello 2015, Here I share  my intention for the year…. however before that… I wish to talk to you about intention first.

Intention and Rituals are huge

I will continue to honour the Divine Feminine as her presence in my life is has given form to all that exists, blossoms and transforms in my life and brings me into my own feminine body, as the gateway to the divine. This blossoming has birthed my intention for 2015. When something special is created and honoured time and time again it becomes a ritual. when the ritual is invoked with intention it becomes sacred, and for me honours the Divine. I love rituals for they give birth to my purpose  and my rituals hold the intention to make the sacred the centre of my life. My spiritual practice, or my sadhana has blossomed immensely through Tantra, which embrace everything.

Tantra is a complete approach to Yoga, and just like the thread of a necklace, Tantra links all the gems and jewels of yoga, (e.g. mantra, meditation, pranayama, asana, mudra, bandha, kriya, bhakti) into One. For me Tantra weaves my unique thread with yours, and other individuals unique threads, this entwines with the vast tapestry of  life linking and weaving all these practices together so  we all co-create a vibrant luminous tapestry. This gifts us with a mirror to truly see how we are all inter-connected and create this tapestry; everyone’s unique thread matters.

My way to share the jewels of Tantra is vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa = links movement with breath and means to place or arrange in a special way, the ‘nyasa’ means sacred touch, so for me vinyasa yoga offers me and others I teach the opportunity to place our bodies in a special way that touches us deeply.



Vinyasa a ritualized practice that yes increases and improves strength and flexibility, is fluid and flowing like a dance, yet beyond that it gifts you the opportUNTIY to go deeper into your heart, and the heart of yoga. When you invoke intention with how you place the hands, feet, how you move in and out of each pose with the breath leading the way, this moves the whole prACTice into one where you use your body to effectively to pray, thus the yoga I practice and teach becomes an embodied prayer from the heart. this holds you in the present mOMent in your own heart, in tune with the universe and essence and that’s when everything shifts. It becomes a meditation in motion, a dance with the Divine, where every breath you drink in the Divine and let it fan the flames of your intention.

How Intention moves the Sacred

last year I immersed myself, my teachings to honour the Divine Feminine, with the natural cycles in life primarily through honouring the Moon sadhanas and spiritual ‘holy’days. Through Her,  I was aroused and awakened to life! Just like She did/does for Shiva…

Shakti is the primordial energy, the essence that is in everything, she brings the formless into form. Tantra views the body as the sacred altar, the temple space upon which the worship, your honouring and devotion is a way to awaken Shakti. She pulses all life and She awakens you to life,  your unique thread and the rich tapestry of life, so you turn on your body’s hidden forces that lead to the ultimate goals of Yoga – freedom and elation! this is the power of  intention, of the sacred… when you bring the sacred (spiritual, divine if this is a better word for you) to the centre of your life you shift the way you live… now I get it for some of you this word sacred might scare you, but look at the letters in both words, sacred is beyond scared… I know because i took my massive leap of faith, beyond the fears and for love…I move countries!

Her, the Divine Feminine’s invitation to me recently was to move so I am able to slow down, feel, receive and in this surrender I nurture my essence more to connect and create. My move gifts me to be surrounded by the ocean 5 minutes away and nature, prakriti, which is feminine and evolve in a slower pace of life of Barbados to blossom more as a woman…and help others to do the same through my teachings.  my move was for love ~ to be in union with my husband – which I can honestly say he has been a great teacher for me! this leads me to my intention for 2015…

My intention for 2015…


Sacred Union ~ A Deep Connection

~ The Dance of Creation




In Tantra ShivaShakti eternal love making and spiritual union gave birth to the universe, then so the world could be created Shiva separated from Shakti for Shakti is the energy or frequency within everything. In your body Shakti lies dormant, coiled as Kundalini Shakti at the base of your spine her journey, her longing is to reunite with her Beloved, Shiva at your crown, the practice of yoga awakens Her.

This year, 2015, I invite you to explore the reunion, the sacred union. This Sacred Union is a deep connection  to intimately reunite with yourself,(primarily) in the dance of creation of life, then offer this union with others. I invite you to dive deep into your sadhana, to go beneath the surface, deep within your body to the jewels within the fertile ground of your being. when you go beneath the surface you begin to touch embodiment and this is union with yourself.

From the sacred altar of your body I invite you to make an intention for your life, a sankalpa in sanskrit. Are you willing to  make the sacred the centre of your life and see what changes by doing so? I can assure you,  when you make the sacred the centre of your life, Divine you release the mundane of life, the pushing, the gripping, the doing, even the old beliefs systems and old stories and shift the way you live your life from mundane to sacred, infused with ritual.

a ritual is your unique way, it is not my way, like goddess worship and pujas, your way can be truly simple like lighting a candle, offering gratitude, or observing beauty, or immerse your self in the vast ocean, or commit to meditate every day… How you do this is with intention, you can mundanely light a candle, job done, or as you are lighting the candle you invoke your intention to honour, create, invoke your intention, igniting the flame of your prayer…

how will we do this? through linking all the jewels of Yoga on the necklace. The asanas will become the embodied prayers of your body which is your sacred altar, your breath fanning the flames of your heart desire so you seek to unite, merge, marry all the diverse aspects of yourself, linking all these jewels. This dance is pure pleasure, pregnant with possibility, nurturing your deepest desires. To create is to give birth, to a form from the seeds of your intentions in your mind. through my blogs, my workshops and classes, either online or internationally, I will invoke every day and call you into my life with intention for honouring Sacred Union…

This year I am honouring Sacred Union, viewing the Divine as a lover, a life-giving partner, where your individual life in the universe engages in the dance of allurement.  The sacred union is the mysterious marriage of polarities; of the feminine and masculine, the light and dark, chaos and order, anger and peace, sun and moon, fire and water, solar and lunar, Shiva and Shakti.    The marriage of opposites is so Tantra and yet the separation we often feel is the illusion we also create within our selves.

lingamHe is always within HEr, whether it is in sacred union, spiritual union or love-making… Everything is born of Her, yet He is always present within. I love that when a woman surrenders, She gives him permission to go deeper through her melting to the highest, he comes into his inherent power of the masculine and this infuses her with power  in union for the sacred – I’ve purposely written this very amibigiuosly for you to read, receive as you need to read on whatever level ~ physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and hopefully unite them all as One!


My Personal Honouring Sacred Union


As a yogini I’ve explored and been honouring sacred union, by  feeling Shakti pulse  and move through me on Her journey to reunite with Shiva, my own inner marriage of my masculine and feminine energies. I needed to learn surrender, like many modern women to seek her/my true feminine essence because in modern life we’ve forgotten due to gripping, pushing, competing, over-analysing of these more masculine  traits. Now I began to flow, feel, receive. For years My practices were to chant a lot of Shiva mantras to ground me, to bring me into the ground of my being, to create a strong sadhana, then I was ready for  Shakti to stir and awaken me, yet ironically I also found Shiva woke me up to that i was so far removed from my inherent feminine essence. When I became more in tune with my inherent essence as a woman, my relationship with my partner grew.  so I am also honouring sacred union in my recent marriage. so on a very personal level my intention is to honour my very own sacred union with my husband, to make this deep connection and move as one in the sacred dance of creation.

The deep Connection

In my life if you haven’t realised by now, I seek the relationship of union with the Divine, to become One, to reunite the masculine and the feminine, the Shiva, the Shakti, the numerous opposites like dark and light, sun and moon, movement and stillness, fixed and changing, masculine and feminine, spirit and matter…  and through my body I experience the Divine, the deep connection. this quote from Iyengar has always had a huge impact on my life, my sadhana, my yoga…

It is through your body that you realise you are a spark of divinity ~ BKS Iyengar.


as I’ve awakened She moves through me, through my feminine practices i’m getting out of my own way, out of my mind, into my feminine body to feel more… I am open to receive has been my sankalpa, last year and as I’ve written in past blogs I had no idea how huge I would  receive and so quickly in a few months. the spark has lit an enormous light growing within me, the catalyst is this kaleidoscope that I am in awe. As I receive, the vessel of me (the dharana~) becomes stronger, fuller, brighter and vibrant and pulsing and throbbing with Shakti, the creative power, and now Ive also given permission to unite with the consciousness and awareness of the Masculine or Shiva, He enters me. This is how I feel and yearn to teach others to reconnect with the Divine energies of Masculine and Feminine  within them for deep connection, creative exploration so their lives open to the mystery..

This sacred union of Tantra is liberating and where I dance. for me my yoga sadhana, the vinyasas are a creative expression of the sacred union, the eternal love making of ShivaShakti awakening every sense within. The Vinyasa yoga is the music to which I dance melodically from the temple of my body, the altar of my heart…with profound gratitude and love. what I wanna know for 2015 is ::

would you like to dance with me?

what speaks to you for your sacred union?

what do you yearn to give birth to in 2015?


cOMe I’m ready,  and willing to dance with you