Malas and Mantras

Michelle’s Malas and Mantras are new offerings that gift her friends and clients potent blessings.

I’ve been chanting mantra for over 20 years and  malas have become like friends, that empower me to chant with love.

Malas are a garland of prayer beads, that come as a string of 108 beads.
Mala’s and mantras are part of Michelle’s Devi Design collection that invoke Shakti to release her magic with pure love and intention.

Magic Spell of Protection

Devi Designs invoke the Feminine or the Goddess. The Tantra Goddess often carry weapons that serve as tools to conquer difficulties within the battlefield of life. Like the sword or Viche that cuts through the doubt, fear, shame, blame type of games to reveal the truth. Or the noose and goad or discus, cos being on the battlefield of life isn’t always easy. Some Goddesses hold a weapon that isn’t actually a weapon. Like the Kavacha which is a shield. It’s a weapon in that it protects, but in the Tantra lineage I follow it is also a magic spell of protection that the Goddess uses as she chants or sings when she is afraid. So my Malas and mantras invoke this, whether you wear the Mala around your neck to rest upon your heart, or the Mantra magic Sacred Thread around your wrist, they offer you protection like a Kavacha.

Devi Designs

Devi Designs Blessings are alchemical tools you wear around your neck or in your hands. Michelle’s Malas with Devi Designs ultimately invokes the union of the feminine and masculine through the chakras of the body.

Michelle’s Malas combine the sacred rudraksha beads known as the tears of Shiva, with powerful healing crystals.
Every Mala is blessed in India on a Shiva Lingham, a representation of the divine masculine. The design of the mala awakens Shakti the feminine energy in the lower chakras to rise up to the 7th chakra, empowered by master numbers 11 and 22.

Malas and Mantras

Michelle’s Mala’s


Michelle’s Malas – These beautiful beads are used to set intentions, meditate, or simply wear for beauty and positive energy!

Malas encourage us to pause, breathe and invoke moments of self-care and love.

If you practice yoga, you can place the mala at the head of your mat to invoke your intention into your practice.
Or simply wear with love as she embraces your neck and rests on your heart to heal, awaken, or activate.

Each Mala has limited edition, here are sOMe from the present Devi Design Collection:


Malas and Mantras

GANAPATI MALA or Ganesha Mala
Ganapati is a gatekeeper who clears the path for Shakti, he is the gateway to your fullest potential. He’s invokes Protection, new thresholds & beginnings.
Affirmation : I am ready to Transform. I am safe & secure, I am protected and strong
Awakens : I trust the process. I listen deeply to new wisdom as I look within.
Crystals : Tigers Eye + Lava


Malas and Mantras


The Goddess of love, beauty, wealth, prosperity & fertility
Affirmation : I am Beauty & Love
Awakens : I have the power to see, feel & embrace my abundance beauty to give & receive unconditional love
Crystals : Green Jade + Pink Agate



Malas and Mantras LALITA MALA
The Tantra Goddess who marries the holy & the erotic. She is the subtle energy of Kundalini Shakti, who seduces you deeper into the portal of your body
Affirmation : I am Holy & Erotic
Awakens : My innate Shakti awakens new realms of feeling, seeing & being. All I desire is within my body.
Crystals : Red coral, Moonstone, gold hematite facet + small rudraksha



Malas and Mantras Kali MALA
The fierce form of the Feminine that empowers you to cut through what’s holding you back to reveal the truth & authenticity of who you are
Affirmation : I am Courageous & Authentic
I have the strength to connect to the source of feminine power in any given situation
Crystals : Red + Black Howlite
+ Lava & Obsidian



Can choose from above or

▽ SARASWATI MALATurquoise  + White Howlite
▽ DURGA MALA – Dragons vein + Red Jade
▽ SHIVA MALAAmethyst
▽ SHIVASHAKTI MALA – Sunstone + White Howlite or Lava + Pearl
▽ SARVA YONI MALACarnelian + Moonstone – super potent Tantra Goddess

Michelle’s Mantra Magic 

Who loves affirmations?

YES? – great you can now choose your word and wear with LOVE til she manifests!

Malas and Mantras

In India when you go to a temple you are given a sacred thread to wear for a blessings and good fortune. When it eventually breaks, a karma knot has been broken.

Michelle’s Mantra Magic invoke the Divine within you, through what you desire. There is a Divine Feminine mystic and poet called Lalla or Lalleshwari who embodies the power and potency of our words. She was a devotee to Shiva and her archetype inspired me to create my mantra magic.

Lalla is inviting us to speak our desire into being.

Choose your word, a modern day Mantra to invoke Michelle’s Mantra Magic.
Words have the power to shift our vibration, as well as our reality. Louise Hay is testament to this, saying ‘every word is an affirmation’. You might like to consider the kind of words you are saying unconsciously that recur or are said often like mantras. What if you chose a word that protects you or empowers you, like the kavacha.

Michelle’s  Mantra Magic – Choose your Modern Day Mantra in a word that invokes and crystallises your affirmation for…


▽ What do you want?
▽ What is your biggest desire?

Now Choose To Wear It and Own it!

Wear your Michelle’s Mantra Magic sacred thread with the pure attention to awaken your desire.
▽ Every time you see, read your word, your personal mantra you activate your desire.
▽ Then simple breathe, repeat your mantra silently 3 times to yourself, open you palms to receive (since the sacred thread is around your wrist).
▽ Let the Universe, let Shakti do the rest – heal, awaken, or activate.

Malas and Mantras

I’ve created simple words or you can choose your own and I’ll personalise it for you.

To order your Malas and mantras just email me here

Prices – Mantra Magic from £13 and Malas from £69

I look forward to assisting you on the path towards your hopes, aspirations and desires!

Get in touch to order yours and I’ll share more with you. Look forward to hearing from you