Navratri is a festival honouring the Divine Feminine. It takes places twice a year in Spring and Autumn and you may read all about the Durga, the Divine Feminine in my many blogs and also about Navratri 

Navratri is a celebration of Durga’s triumph over evil, celebrating the power within you to overcome all forms of negativity, that may surface and show up in their many guises. This is why Nine aspects of Durga are honoured.

I will share with you each day what each face, each goddess represents and you will see and embrace the many aspects of you and all your faces, every one embrace and this leads to victory which is the tenth day!

First three Nights

Shailaputri day 1

The first three days of Navratri honour Durga in form of Kali, who is the dark, shadow aspect of the feminine aspect of Durga who invites us to use Her sword of truth to cut through the negative, tamasic tendencies that hold us back. She helps you to overcome any forces of regression, negativity, or obstacles that arise. Often these are psychological forces, although sometimes they may literally be physical obstacles that limit you.

Day 1

So Durga in the form of Kali, to cut through takes on the form of  Shailaputri – (pictured above, Image: By Jonoikobangali) I know it may seem like there is a complexity to this, however take a breath and smile, if you are a woman, or know a woman… women are complex, they are a beautiful mystery and to embrace every aspect creates Union (ahhh why i share my intention of Sacred Union this year)

Shailaputri is the daughter of the mountains – is the first Goddess of Navratri. Only her devotion can match Shiva’s depth of consciousness and inspire him on his dharmic path

Ya Devi aarva bhuteshu shanthi roopaena samsthitha
Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah
(I bow to the Great Mother who manifests in all beings in the form of peace.)