Pleasure Principle

I wish to share with you my interpretation of the pleasure principle. It’s different from Freudian psychoanalysis, where the pleasure principle is the instinctive seeking of pleasure to avoid pain to satisfy your needs.

Pleasure PrincipleMy interpretation is quite simple to share how pleasure is a massive shakti key for woman to feel good about herself and her life.

Pleasure gives her confidence, boost her self-esteem and deepens connection with herself.

Pleasure is a portal deeper into the body and gets a woman out of her head. And this is where most modern day women are most of the time, not saying this is wrong. Yet I wish to show you another path, where a woman experiences more medicine which is more healing.

Tantra is a practice to expand consciousness, so you become One with the Universe. Yet how can you become One with the universe if you have not experienced oneness within your own body. Tantra has always revealed the delights of sensual pleasure and this is not just the sexual kind. Tantra teaches the body is sacred and the senses can arouse enlightenment, ecstasy and pure bliss.

There is no avoidance of pain. Pain may even be the portal deeper into your experience. -what do I mean?

What if….

When you experience stress, trauma, challenges your survival mechanism kicks in and overrides the pain you feel. This is natural so you survive. For example if you were being chased by a tiger and stubbed your toe and it began to bleed would you stop to tend to the injury – NO! You’d run for your life away from the tiger and then when safe deal with the injury. Well most people are reacting to lifes events as if being chased by tiger. Yet they are not going back to deal with the stress(stubbed toe analogy) and this creates broken loops of energy in the body. The stress, tension, challenges stay in the body as tension and become numb.

When you begin to practice tantra or yoga, they unravels the numb frozen parts of yourself. This might also mean that the pain might surface again for you to deal with the injury like when being chased by the tiger… then when this energy is cleared,  new energy pathways are created for the pleasure to pour forth.
Then what you might have to deal with is your ego or your shame or blame shouting “i can’t” or “i shouldn’t “ or trying to limit how good you feel in the waves of pleasure. why does your ego or mind do this? because that is what you’ve been use to all your life. Tantra gives you a new perspective and also an understanding of the shifts in the chemical responses in your body.

the Pleasure Principle key – What does a woman want?

Freud’s famous quote “the great question that has never been answered and which I have not been able to answer, despite my 30 years research int the feminine soul, is “what does a woman want?”.
Well I will tell you as you read on. For now if you are a woman “what do you want?”.
What if what I mention here excites you, arouses, you, intrigues you, or shocks you – observe the reactions….
Tantra means many things to many different people, you may read my views in my blog on Tantra. however just quicky, Tantra is system of practice or a method to expand consciousness, where you experience God or the Divine or the Infinite within your body. Some say the modern Tantra which is all about sex isn’t tantra. I disagree. I use Tantra as a form of worship as a method and a practice. Because I do not separate anything in my life, it is very natural as a tantra practitioner to bring the practices in to my bedroom with my husband and have amazing tantric sex. I also teach sacred sexuality and employ Tantra methods. One of my favourite sutras is the VjnanaBhairava Tantra, where Shiva is taking a break from making love with his Beloved, Shakti and she asks the meaning of life…. 
Pleasure Principle
so now that’s mentioned… lets get straight to talking about the elephant in the room :
  • sacred sex,
  • clitoris,
  • orgasms
  • and abundant amounts of pleasure. 

I mentioned briefly in my ‘power of sisterhood ‘ blog how women are made for pleasure.  They have 8000 nerves endings in one small part of their anatomy which when turned on release immense amounts of pleasure. 

And this is what the pleasure principle is about for me – turning you on to all life and not only limiting this to the 8000 nerve endings in one part of the female anatomy, although this is a great place to begin. I’ve experienced my whole body to turn on and light up when kundalini shakti rises.  
I yearn for you to feel the pleasure principle within ::
  • awaken your senses
  • get turned on to life
  • light up
  • thrive
When i personally began to awaken my sensual body. It was like a light bulb turning on, specifically a 100 watt one, illuminating everything within and all around. I then longed to share this with every woman i knew so that she too could thrive. 

The beginning or Foreplay

Pleasure PrincipleAnd what woman doesn’t love foreplay!? I am taking foreplay in and out of the bedroom, because foreplay begins outside the bedroom. In fact she needs it because she is wired different to men, hence she has 8000 nerve endings compared to his 4000. She is wired for double the amount of pleasure. The question is why is she not receiving it? Modern day living is too fast and mind orientated.
Tantra awakens your body through your senses.  When your 5 senses awaken, you begin to re-wire the neural plasticity of your brain – what does that mean ? You to get out your head and into your body, using your sensuality. And this feels good and when a woman feels good, everything changes – ask Nina Simone!  
If we go back to Freud’s The pleasure principle where pleasure is sought to avoid pain, this is similar to traditional yoga that witnesses the body from the outside. Or talk therapy or self help that keep you in your mind analysing to avoid the pain or analyse the pain. I am not saying this are not necessary, they are essential, but there comes a time for body work and a somatic experience is essential for complete healing. The ancient Tantra knew the wholistic healing is essential and that means healing the issues that are within the tissues of the body, then there is long lasting transformation.
Tantra however invites the pleasure principle by getting you into your body rather than staying in a tiny aspect of the whole of us, the brain or head. Tantra deepens your relationship with yourself, your sexuality, your sensuality as these are your root in life. This is what Freud knew. Tantra helps you to release blockages or heal trauma or negative patterns.  When these un-numb, heal or release  space is created, so you feel lighter, more expansive and begin to feel pleasure which creates a state of mind where anything is possible. Thus you expand consciousness, which is Tantra.
Tantra is so potent. The Tantra I teach through my sensual Oyoga for women begins to turn on the glOw, then every facet of your being begins to pulsate and shine. As you practice my Tantra methods you awaken to your feminine power, which makes you as a woman feel good. When a woman feels good her confidence skyrockets, her negative mindset, realigns to new more positive pathways. She then becomes more receptive to receiving more pleasure and feel good. The cellular memory within her body is learning to trust in a deep way from within. 
Pleasure PrincipleAnd to answer Feud question “what does a woman really want?”
– abundant amount of pleasure, and when she tastes it, she wants more, because her whole being, life and the universe comes alive, throbs pulsates and this ripples out everywhere!

are you ready for the pleasure principle effect?


if so join me on my next yoga retreat  and learn more in a safe and secure space with other like minded women in tropical paradise!