Scorpio New Moon 

ScorpioNewMoonThis Saturday is a New Moon, or more specifically a Scorpio New Moon.

Scorpio astrology sign represented by the animal scorpion may be a stinger, emotionally or mentally. Scorpio New Moon brings you into the arena of your shadow, your self-doubts or negative beliefs, or that destructive inner critic. Scorpio New Moon also ignites passion, intimacy, sexual arousal and your creativity. This watery realm like all waters will either churning a turbulent storm or you bathe in the depths of water and let it purify you as you become one with the wave and surf it.

Fortunately for me after the heavy bull in a china shop Taurean Full Moon, I learnt some deep lessons, cleansed my soul and am delighting in the watery realm of love, intimacy and sensuality. And because of this I have a gift for you.

 My gift to you of the Scorpio New Moon

I am offering you a New Moon Meditation further down the page and if you email me and share this blog post I will email you back the full 1.5 hours Yoga Class that this New Moon Meditation was taken from. So you have a deeply grounding New Moon Yoga class to practice every month.

The darkness of this time of year

This is the darkest time of year as we go towards the Winter Solstice and still in the sign of Scorpio, which is all about transformation. This last couple of months of 2017 are an opportunity to go into the darkness of yourself, plant seeds and prepare the fertile soil from the ground of your being. The New Moon is mirroring this, the dark fertile skies offer time to go deep into the darkness and see beneath the surface.

Since Scorpio is a water sign, it’s like when the tide is out you see all the debris on the ocean bed. What is churning within you? Drink in the lessons for this Scorpio New Moon.

?New Moon :

As the dark moon and as the name suggests is symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh start, rebirth. This is time to slow down, turn inwards and as you turn into the darkness behind the eyes, rest and renew yourself on whatever level you need –

?where do you need the healing?
?Where do you need to let go?
?What do you yearn for?

At this time of renewal, invoke the intention to nurture your self lovingly like a mother nurtures her child, can you visualize new ways of being, new ways of seeing, new ways of feeling.

Begin to plant seed intentions:

What do you desire or really want?
What are you passionate about?
What is your purpose or mission?

This is a great time to journal, release through words, let them pour forth and maybe you will cultivate a new intention for the next cycle. Now let’s look at what Scorpio offers this New Moon:


Scorpio New MoonScorpio like the scorpions may also be a stinger and so use this power to drop into the deep dark mystery of magic within you. This is what Scorpio loves to do, journey into the occult, the subconscious and the magical mysteries. Scorpio is also powerfully sexually and this might be intense and make people feel uncomfortable wit their sexuality. As a Shaktism Tantrika, I delight in going deeper into this realm of sexuality with myself and my beloved. The dark skies seduce you deeper to turn on the lights, or candles and explore new realms. How about this as a mediation – will you join me?

Scorpio’s glyph is an “M” for the first letter of my name, but really it’s for “Mmmmmm!” and it has a little lingham sticking out, for the tail of the scorpion that stings to transform.

Tantra Scorpio New Moon Meditation 

I’m inviting you to practice the yoga or even the mediation to help you get into your body and out of your head. Then I invite you into self-pleasure or a beloved’s meditation, where you begin to slow the process of love-making. I invite you to let the waves and waves of the watery realm of scorpio touch you, penetrate you and permeate you.


Through your senses –

  • look into your partners eyes, or look at yourself in a mirror,
  • smell your partners natural scent or burn incense
  • taste each other through kissing or oral play, or savour eating some chocolate if you are solo
  • touch yours or your partners skin, wavering with different pressure – lights super delightful
  • whisper to your partner to arouse or play sensual music

Go into the deep dark mysteries of exploring with yourself or your partner. Let the waves and waves of shakti to awaken and arouse. Yet the key to this particular mediation is not to take it to a peak. The peak is like the sting of the scorpio, it’s intense for a moment. What if you bathe in the depth of the sensations within and allow implosive, full body orgasms to unfurl, slowly. This is what Tantra teaches you, to slow down and feel into every sensation and ride the waves. Then orgasms offer wisdom into the body, where you feel whole, holy and held.

So here you go to begin, here’s a non-sensual/sexual meditation. This will guide you into your body and out your head and begin to invite you to honour the highest aspect of yourself. Then if you wish to explore a deep mediation as I offered – let yourself be guided.

New Moon Mediation


Remember if you like this mediation and would like to have the free gift of a Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class then please share this post on Facebook, Twitter and email me the link and I will send you a full 1.5 audio Yoga Class that I recorded in London in 2013. It’s part of my online classes .

What I will share with you is these classes are the ones that opened my body, released the energy that was blocked. As I practiced more and more with the moon, I unfurled and began to delight in the powerful, liberation, intense realms of orgasmic awakening. This can happen for you if you wish. Do you want to feel just how powerful you are and feel so intimately connected with the cosmos or God or Goddess or Love? Then let the yoga guide you to open.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings for the New Moon and the new cycle, may you bathe in waves and waves of sensual mysteries!