Sunday Shakti Service

When I lived in London I offered a class on Sundays named 🔻SUNday Shakti Service 🔻 so today I hope to serve you with medicine for your soul through my writings and a practice at the end. I you are seeking change in your life – this blog will show you how the universe has aligned the cycles for true change.
You might be like me, reflecting upon the Winter Solstice, 2019 and this last decade. Ultimately my life was pivotal in 2009 – exactly 10 years ago at this very time was the initiation into this new portal. So I truly feel called to write today’s blog.
May my story speak to you and your story in some way…
Sunday Shakti Service is my offering to the goddess (shakti) and all that she has guided me to share. In 2009 I was first introduced to Tantra and met the man who became my husband. Both across the 10 years have empowered me to become the woman I am today, to honour the Feminine, see the Divine in every woman (and man) and share my devotion to Her. On this the Shortest day Longest night, I recall my first blog on the Winter Solstice back in 2014 that mentions my sankalpa, my move, my marriage and my new life!
The Winter Solstice for me is an initiation into a new portal. They haven’t all been sweetness and light, the dark, the shadow I needed to face was in my face big time. But this year, the descent into the dark as been liberating because here’s the medicine I’ve received to share with you ::

Honour the Past 

Stand still

Be in 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞

Winter Solstice Alchemy

Sunday Shakti ServiceI am in awe of the cosmic dynamic shifts at play with the Solstice, Christmas Day and the New Moon Eclipse – there is so much potentiality to tune in, regenerate, transform to renew and rebirth.

These last days of 2019, of this decade are so potent to cultivate alchemical shifts. They are asking us what we really want AND what needs to be released so we step into what we want or who we want to be.


Let’s come into a ritual space: pause, enquire, sow seeds.


We can choose to let go with love and honour, to stand in our unique power. From this empowered embodiment we can offer outwards for the good of all. Sounds simple doesn’t it…

I do understand it may not be.


Especially at Christmas, old family stories might play out that trigger the parent/child wound. Or the other stories of doubt, fear, shame, judgment, secrets, or the inner dialogue of blame, guilt, regret, or the feelings of isolation, sadness, unworthiness, low self confidence.


Until this year I’ve known how hard it is to release, I’ve clung on, resisted.I had enough drama the last 2 months, it was my Mother (my greatest teacher) who said accept the ways. So in the last month of this last decade I’ve embraced a new portal of :


This is what the Solstice is about for me. Acceptance of where I am right now, in the present and this is birthing into being something new. Yes I still have my Sankalpa’s – for the year, moon cycle, or my present deepest desire. Yet I always say this or something better shall manifest for me now, with the grace of the Goddess. For the good of all or not at all. I learnt this from a great astrologer.



The Solstice is when the Sun (sol) stands still (sistere) and the rebirth of light. This year the solstice is amplified on Christmas Day, the birth of Christ and also the New Moon Eclipse = for me this is a REBIRTH of THE REAL YOU – the One who abandons/leaves behind (eclipse meaning) the old paradigm version of you, stuck in the past, and emerges into the New Light of a new cycle/year/decade. These days weave masculine penetrating energy of the sun☀️ the feminine receptive energy of the moon 🌑 into the holy portal of the Mother Earth 🌍 who mirrors your true nature – God within.


The acceptance I’ve been embracing means the darkest nights of the year have guided me joyously into the descent of the dark Goddess to honour the last year and indeed this decade.
The chapter is closing, I’ve been observing what seeds I’ve been watering with my thoughts and actions.
It’s so easy to get stuck in the same story of the past that plays like a broken record, repeating the same cycle, as the record gets stuck. Pulling our mind in different directions, keeping us small, in victim role. or triggering us, so the wound begins to bleed a g a i n.
BUT I invite you to remember your potential lives in the present.
Mother Nature has cosmically aligned these holydays to empower us to tune into our true nature, so we transform our wounds of our dark shadows, that we hide from others or ourselves. Now this time of the closing year and the decade is time to transform the wounds into wisdom – this is the medicine.
One way to view:
  • What have your old stories gifted you?

  • What have the taught you?

Do you really want to keep playing to the same tune – that’s out of tune?


They are always blessings in the lessons.
See them as so,
Thank them,
Honour them,
Love them,
Say good bye…

New Year 🔻 New Decad e


So the chapter is closing, a rebirth of the light after the Solstice then there is a New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn – This is also guiding you to abandon old ways and start a new.

You have a choice when life tests you ::
🔻 to show up fully
🔻 or fall into the old ways of being.
What you desire is in the present – not the past or the future.
You can choose to come to this present moment right now, where your shakti (power) and potential live. Or stay in the past stories.
If you allow yourself to be pulled into the past, into the old stories, from the previous decade, even decades…(oh my) you don’t fully enter the new chapter, like this new decade. You cannot create the life you want.
Let’s come into the present right now together with a

Sunday Shakti Service – Solstice Blessings Practice

Sunday Shakti ServiceStand or be still. (Like the sun at the solstice)
Begin to breathe more consciously,
let yourself fill up
With your next inhalation, breathe into this present moment
Pause close your eyes
As you exhale settle into this moment.
Pause, look within how does it feel.
How do you feel?
Observe how there is a pause at the top of the inhalation that turns to meet the exhalation,
Then there’s another pause.
The pauses are like the Solstices.
Meet and greet the pause in your breaths and in the sacred pauses
What do you see, hear?
How does this moment touch you?
What emotions or feelings are arising?
How do you feel?
With every breath,
Begin to tune in
Go within
Breathe               Pause               Breath               Pause
With every inhale fill up and open to something new
with every exhale surrender and release
Feel what you want to create or embody
Listen to what is ready to be released.
Breathe 3 more grateful breaths
You are in the present.
You are in your body.
Your breath is guiding you to begin to touch embodiment.
Bring your hands in prayer 🙏
What is ready to be released?

What do you want to emerge for the new decade?
Listen.             Breathe,
Bow to all that is in your life.
For the good of all or not at all…

Jai Mā

Sri Matre Namaḥ

Thank you