Wow there is a huge gateway right now between the last New Moon Eclipse  and the forth coming Super Blood Full Moon Total Eclipse on Super Blood Full Moon Total EclipseSUNday / Moonday.

The irony here is the Earth is coming between the Sun and Moon over SUNday night / Moonday. How is this going to affect you?

Have you been feeling pulled in different directions?

Torn between OLD patterns arising and NEW ways of being?

I’ve been feeling it! I’ve shared my video posts on Facebook and Instagram . And it began on my husbands birthday. Thank the Goddess he is a super man to hold space for me.

I’ve found when you are intimately CONNECTed with another this Divine Union upholds a MIRROR where each person has to practice, release, to go DEEPER.

And this is what this forthcoming Full Moon in Leo. I wrote about last years Super Blood Blue Moon in Leo and the lions roar – which I absolutely love. And the photo below was taken at a Super Blood Full Moon…you can read more in that blog here.

go in and inMore on what Leo the lion is about astrologically :

  what makes you HAPPY,
  what you’re PASSIONATE about,
  what is at YOUR CORE,
 Leo the lion is also romance, children, longing and what is limiting that.

🌕Super Blood Moon means she’s close to you.and will glow red, the colour of Shakti 🔻

🌕 Full Moon is about CLIMAX, and the eclipse I went into detail about on my New Moon blog, but is an ENDING or to abandon – so before you can step into WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, you need to ABANDON what is limiting you, because maybe it, she, he is limiting your INNER FIRE 🔥 from rising! Maybe what who you need to abandon because it is feeding off your inner fire. Ouch!

This is HUGE. This Super Blood Full Moon Total Eclipse won’t happen til 2022, so many gateways or situations will arise to help you to transform and heal..

So Just observe the gateways between now and Sunday.

Your Leo Super Blood Full mOon Total Eclipse🌕 Ritual

 breathe deeply feeling into the fire of your body – be it your heart ❤️ fire, your belly fire 🔥 or the fire of kundalini Shakti 🔻

 Ignite your intention, what makes you happy, what kindles your passion

 breathe if you know breath of fire or Kapalbhati practice this.

every breath rises up like the flames, let your breath move you as flames dance and burn away what needs to die.

Chant SWAHA as an offering to the sacred fire 🔥

Make your offerings intimately connected to your inner fire, get ready to step into the New.

then ask and let your answer be illuminated

🌕what am I ready to leave behind so I can become 1 with my most potent SUPERPOWER in 2019?

So it is…🔻🌕🔥☀️🔺🔱

And if you’re in Barbados I have a Purnima (Full Moon) Playshop for women for the 🔻Super Blood Full Moon Total Eclipse 🌕☀️ on SUNday. I am hosting for a small intimate group of women, who will be going deep into the gateway of your 1st chakra through the gateway of your Yoni. We will have a fire 🔥 ritual too! Practicing with the 1st chakra will give the vital practices to empower around this Super Blood Full Moon Total Eclipse. The Tantra Practices will help those joining me to release their attachments from old family patterns or what we learnt from childhood. Then we create safe container to let Shakti, her feminine power rise, so that 2019 becomes the year women awaken to their SuperPower! Wanna join me message me I have a few spaces left.

And to help you prepare – read the photo below!

Happy Days and illuminating nights 🔻🌕🔥🔱🔺☀️

I got this photo from bringing heaven to earth on IG, I love their insights.