Awakening Kundalini Shakti

Kundalini-ShaktiFor me awakening Kundalini Shakti is Awakening to life in all her glory.

The path in Life

Imagine awakening to your ‘power’ your shakti and feel you are able to navigate the many different terrains of life as if guided. Because you are in tune, aligned and love is your lighthouse, not the fear or doubts or insecurities that drown you.

I know the path in life is not always direct from A to B, there are turbulent storms, ups and downs, many hurdles to climb before you see the sunshine or the moonlight and beautiful horizons ahead. This is another aspect of kundalini shakti, when your path of awakening begins the old debris needs to be cleared and cleansed and purified, so take it as a posiitive that you are still on the right path.

The Old and New

As Yoginis, I’ve been inviting the women I teach and share with on my Facebook page to awaken to the feminine paradigm of awakening that is yearning to expand and release the old ways of competing, jealousy, fear based over analytical, logical linear masculine paradigm of control and rigidity. This is the first step to becoming more in tune with your own essence which is shakti and feminine.

 I am not saying this old paradigm which is very masculine is wrong, it served society for a while and got things done, yet there is something missing… the feminine ways of collaboration, connection, fluidity. Women had to compete with me to be seen, heard and get ahead, many women have been wearing the masculine mask of being the mother and father to children, the bread winning, the independent woman, the high flyer executive, yet often this has meant she’s in a logical, linear realm that is the opposite to her feminine fluid, spontaneous, free, rhythmical flow. This is why there is a massive movement and up-rising of women at present that are re-learning that to surrender that grip actually gives them more power…

My Own Awakening Kundalini Shakti

I joined the massive up-rising in 2010 when I couldn’t walk. Like many women, The awakening Kundalini Shakti, is the awakening to the goddess aspect of Shakti as well as how she reveals herself as the life force energy… I will ask you further down about your life and if you are ready to awaken…?

For most of 2015 I had at the centre of my altar (and she’s still there as i write) this statue of kundalini shakti with a heart stone my husband made, with “love” written on it.  I placed her here when I began sadhana with Lalitha Devi last spring as I longed to arouse my shakti as I explored sacred union.  It is a pure reminder to me that divine consciousness is ignited by shakti and pure love which is the Divine’s essence expressed as energy, shakti. The centre of my sadhana is awakening shakti, awakening kundalini as the goddess within and also the life force energy that guides me along my path in life.

Awakening Kundalini Shakti Through Energy Channels

In my last blog Kundalini Shakti I shared with you how she is a sophisticated navigation system and guides you along the nadis on her journey to meet and unite with Shiva. The nadis are the roads or pathways and ultimately all roads lead to the heart, to love, so how is your journey? Is the map clear? Or do you need help with the navigation ? Is you vision clear for 2016 so you may see the signposts of the map of life and let Shakti guide you? If not let’s look st the three main nadis that will guide you:

ida nadi which is cool, slow, lunar, moon, feminine energy, left nostril; you road to take when you need to turn in, slow down and listen to take stock

pingala nadi which is fiery, moving, solar, sun, masculine energy and right nostril; your road to fuel you, re-ignite your commitment to your sadhana

and these two nadis are the channels which the breath moves along clearing them so…

Sushmuna Nadi is a slender thread of energy that runs up the very centre of the subtle body corresponding to the spinal column. In the navigation system for shakti. the sushumna nadi is like the central axis of the earth with the north (at the top)and south pole at the bottom.

What are the stirrings of kundalini?

The Tantra view says that Shakti when resting is literally drawing your senses outwards, so your mind and thoughts are looking for love, power and anything and everything you need from outside of your self. This is as if you are going round and round a roundabout and the same situations continually repeating themselves… Sound familiar? You are looking outside of yourself for the answers and happiness, maybe in your work, looking for a partner. Kundalini is resting,  asleep and runs your life giving you an experience that you are limited small and separate as you look outside of yourself

Awakening Kundalini Shakti is…

Awakening kundalini shakti is when you turn your awareness inwards. as Carl Jung says::

MeditationWho looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

The awakening kundalini shakti is when you yearn for something more that the life you have and let go of the blame game or reaching out in all those places and turn inside and begin to bring everything home to you and look within for the answers.  you realise that you are more than this egoic self, your priorities in life change. this is self-revelation. Resting kundalini Shakti arouses,uncoils and the path becomes a little clearer

are you looking outside of yourself for the answers?

The yogic texts yearn for you to awaken to the aspect that this life force energy of kundalini is Shakti and is the Goddess. It is also Kundalini as the Goddess who has been limiting you, making you look outwards and feeling small and separate. – This is the lay of paradox of Tantra. And therefore you cannot experience unity with the reality of life, or the divine or your true self unless  the goddess Shakti, the power that limited you in the first place awakens you and  transforms your way of seeing and being so that you may fully experience unity and wholeness and Oneness.

This is fundamentally what awakening kundalini shakti is about. It’s awakening to the power within and ultimately the first awakening of kundalini is when you begin to look within and begin a spiritual path of self discovery and exploration. This is awakening kundalini shakti as the goddess…

Your Awakening Kundalini Shakti…

So where do you stand?

Are you so tired, over-worked, running the family, the business, doing so much for others that you have little time for you as a woman?

Or are you a single woman yearning to meet a man and cant seem to?

Do you analyse, over think, compete?

Do you get a second wind of energy after 10pm and think wow i am getting so much done once kids gone to bed or your lonely and then wake up in morning exhausted?

If you answered YES to any of these, the old paradigm of the feminine with a masculine mask is the path leading your life… and I reckon you’re whole being is craving you to come home to your feminine essence…get off the blame game, the roundabouts of drama and denial.

I see many women and I saw myself not aligned to who I am and my story reveals why I teach the way I do now. Through my yoga, therapies and coaching I endeavour to introduce as many women as i connect with to awaken to the miraculous path of the feminine and to awakening kundalini shakti. And this becomes the map that helps you navigate through the many passageways of life.

I know I am sharing a lot of information, that is actually linear and logical, however to understand Kundalini it is important and then I will share more juice throughout the year in practices, contemplations and teachings…

 My Awakening

My own journey of awakening has been unfurling in so many delicious ways, the lighthouse of Shakti has illuminating the terrain and been navigating and mapping together pathways of the abundant life territory of awakening, hence I am now eager to share with you. This has not always been easy, yes I have slipped down the road of fear and gripping, my old familiar habitual ways of over analaysing. yet what has been my compass is my sadhana, and the circle of women, reminding me to let go, lean in and feel…

tridentKundaliniIn 2015 I re-launch my company, releasing the name YogaRelax that was my London company and decided to use my name. My logo became kundalini shakti and the trident, infused with mantra. the Trident is the weapon of consciousness of Durga and Kali and Shiva symbolising humankind in 3 forms:  the temple, the worshipper and the Divine united within the branch of trident, with mantra as key. This was long before I decided on this years 2016 theme. the theme of 2015 Sacred Union was indeed shaping my own union with the Divine, the Kali aspect of me as supreme motherly love

Deeper awakening kundalini shakti

My experience of this type of kundalini awakening was profound. The relationship I have with the goddess, especially Kali and Durga and Kundalini Shakti is devote, their essences have been guides, even gurus showing me the way. Quite literally as I explained in my blog year of sacred union Kali told me She would show me, and she guides me to awakening and to help you awaken more fully to you…

Are you willing to look within and blossom?