Birthing Process


So it’s nine months ago today that I moved my life from London to begin my new married life with my Husband in his hOMeland Barbados.

I’ve acknowledged this time of nine months, purely as I’ve been going through a transition, challenging times, questioning and subtle transformation – have you been feeling this lately with all the planetary shifts over the summer?

So after my morning meditation on Wednesday I realised I am approaching being here in my new home for 9 months and it’s as if I am beginning my own birthing process. It is potent time, pregnant with possibility and I can actually sense something is being born through my transforming. as if I am about to give birth metaphorically and I don’t yet know what that is, like a mother not knowing the sex of her child. And so the lasts three months are like the last trimester if you like.  They have been exceptionally challenging on on different levels and also extremely revealing. Much like the last trimester of a pregnancy there is time of preparation for the birth. I am nesting, creating roots, intentions for the next year arising…

Moving to the Caribbean was the choice I made to be with my husband, to co-create in Sacred Union my theme for this year. I am all about intention, I work with sankalpas, for period of times, for days, for cycles and for a yearly theme and this helps to create  a vision for my life. This is also how i teach and mentor clients, offering the power of intention to yield desires.

My move choice was to honour the Feminine, last years theme , even more deeply. It was the natural step on my path to immerse myself in nature, which Barbados is abundant in, to be near the ocean and create the flow of life that is more feminine, flowing, fluid, like the ocean and deepen my connection with my husband, with life and nurturing this co-creation. The move was letting go of my single life to be in union with married life.

so Back to my birthing process…

I’m just like anyone, life has drama where you get caught in this habitually as if you’re stuck on a hamster wheel going round and round and long to get off, you just don’t know how. You know ladies, when you keep doing the same thing, or meeting the same man and having the same results that don’t serve you… you feel like screaming!

floweringSo this last trimester of mine, since my Barbados Blessing and especially now July’s full moon to this full moon at the weekend has been awakening. It is as if my eyes have become more clear, the truth that I speak, see and honour has become more prevalent.
Last year I was teaching you a lot about the linear, strategic way of being that paradoxically isn’t ‘BE”ing, and is where many women especially, place things in boxes try to contain them so that makes sense and feels safe. do you like to analyse and put things in compartments or boxes to know where you are at?

There is nothing wrong with this, it is masculine way, that society has taught in this masculine society that competes to be seen and heard. yet the true feminine spirit is free, she is fluid flowing, she spontaneous and does not need to be contained this only shrinks her, limits her blossoming in to being…

Composite of 4 photographic images; tendril, monarch caterpillar, chrysalis, monarch butterfly - all taken by Renee Dawson

Composite of 4 photographic images; tendril, monarch caterpillar, chrysalis, monarch butterfly – all taken by Renee Dawson



what this last month has revealed to me is I had been caught in the trap in my masculine side, I am doing- doing, doing,  driven to know and to do rather than embrace the set flow. the Fiery Leo Full Moon burnt away the doing and invited me to see a bigger vision – why I moved here to Barbados. and now as we approach the Piscean Full Moon, that is watery sign the inner alchemy of fire and water transforms! the pieces are two fishes symbolises you may be being pulled in different directions, stirring the emotions and so re-align the head and head and surrender to the moment (ahhh another feminine trait, surrender!) the pisces full moon is one of the most intuitive moon, so use this time to turn inwards and bring your wisdom to light as full as the Full Moon!

and so I invite you to contemplate, where do you need to let go so your may create space to begin to commune with what truly matters to you?

There is this feminine rising occurring around the globe at present, the feminine is about connection, collaboration, bonding, nurturing and the shift of co-creation is being called forth, rather suppression of the feminine.  I yearn for you to deeply connect with your feminine essence that will commune with you should you ask. In order to ask you need to get out of your head, into your body, align and listen. in the spaciousness you create, the truth arises.



what do you yearn for? what makes your heart beat? what really matters to you?

if you don’t know the answers to this, i invite you to take time to ask yourself and then the universe will begin to speak to you. when you know what matters, like i did last June to be with my boyfriend, who within 4 months was my husband! i asked, listened, didn’t know the how and it all came. i din’t analyse or strategise, i declared what matters and everything shifted. that is how powerful  intention and an ask is…3 months ago just before this 3rd trimester of my birthing process 🙂 i wrote a blog on Ma Durga, where i revealed her story and about the ask!

I’m receiving more more reminders to come into my feminine essence, slowdown to fully create space,  trust the process of all of this coming into being….

I am sure I will reveal more to you soon, as my theme for next year is already surfacing and it’s so exciting as i deepen my co-creation with like-minded souls.

I wanted to share as I create and urge you to take even 5 minutes to ask your self what you truly want? let he birthing process begin wit higher answer… you may be surprised!

until next time

deepest pranam!