Yoga and Sexual Energy 

Yoga and sexual energyIf you’ve been in a long term yoga practice then your sexual energy naturally wakes up. Yet it is more widely understood that the yoga asanas and breathing moves your circulation, lymphatics and brings oxygenated blood to different bodily system. But what’s not spoken how this also tones your pelvic floor, loosens your pelvis, which are then very key to releasing your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is your shakti. Yoga and sexual energy go hand in hand and are very natural because the same breath work and asanas that move the circulation, also awaken, unlock and activate your 1st two chakras. Awakening the first two chakras are key to releasing your sexual energy.

So why is everyone not talking about how your yoga practice increases your sex drive, celebrates your femininity, and empowers you tap into your sexual energy?

It seems there is an opposition and Yoga is not about your sexuality. That’s because there are different yoga traditions.

I am sharing how I teach and also give some tips you can practice in any yoga class without the teacher knowing. You will feel super alive. Here’s what one yoga teacher wrote to me after coming on my retreat  “I didn’t feel at the time in India – I spent a lot of time in a place of disconnection, but since I’ve been back on home turf, I’ve felt an awakening of my sexual energy – a definite step up which I really hope to continue as previously it’s not been there.” 

– I’d like to add, please be mindful in other teachers classes. A few of my students from retreats and workshops who go to other yoga classes, begin breathing deeper, making some sounds and naturally their bodies begin to move. They have been told by the teacher “to be quiet, to be still”! This took them out of their feel great zone to a naughty girl zone!

Yes or no Yoga and Sexual energy and why?

Some schools teach to control sexual energy and sexuality to reach higher states. They are celibate, Monks, Swami’s or renunciates.

Then there’s…

Other traditions like Tantra teach Brahmacharya is all about embodying a right relationship to our sexuality and sexual energy. The yoga utilises the source of your amazing sexual energy to reach higher states of consciousness. This is the way I teach in my Shakti Vinyasa Yoga and Yoni Yoga.

Fortunately the right relationship with yoga and sexual energy very few teach because of years of suppression. I am grateful to have been taught from lineages that preserve the ancient teachings of yoga and sexual energy. This practice empowers us to feel great, liberated, fluid and if your a woman more feminine.

How shall I practice Yoga and Sexual Energy?

Tip 1 yoga and sexual energy

 One of the simplest ways to enhance your yoga and sexual energy is with your breath. I call your breath your most loyal lover – with you from time you for til time you die. The Tantra way to breath is in and down. Inhale through the nose (Ujjayi if you practice this) and consciously bring your breath down towards your pelvis, genitals. You can add a soft tone of your pelvic floor (action is in and up, but not over squeeze this limits shakti – makes her too tight to release). Then as you exhale allow the breathe to rise up the body and out the mouth
 You can add to this once you’ve come into a rhythm with the breath. Inhale feel your sexual energy beginning to awaken, move, uncoil, and circle or swirl around your pelvis. On the exhale the sexual energy permeates your genitals, pelvis and moves up your body bringing a blissful turned on state to your whole body and mind. – MMM yes! I also teach this with mantras too, which become key to open

  • You can do this the whole class and then you will feel a-ma-zing!!

Tip 2 yoga and sexual energy

Yoga and Sexual Energy  Warm up, is prime time to awaken to your sexual energy! Cat Cow is super super sexy. This turns on the whole pelvis, pelvic area and genitals, especially the toning or release of hypertension in the pelvic floor and yoni. The hands and knees is a great position (punn intended)! A chiropractor told me after I couldn’t walk that this is the pose I needed to practice a lot with (and to have sex too) because it aligns the pelvis!
  So as you inhale and arch your back, you breath as above, yet become deliciously aware how your pelvic floor, yoni are soft, open and relaxed. This invites you to really connect with your pelvis, genitals, yoni, sex centre. This awakens and activates the 1st two chakras. Then as you exhale and turn into your own heart feel the opening of the sexual energy flow and move into your body. You may observe your pelvic floor and yoni naturally tone (you don’t necessarily need to squeeze). This natural tone is also intimately connected to the physiology of your body as your diaphragm rises up it lifts the pelvic floor, toning it!

  • When you undulate your hips you naturally move sexual energy, observe the inner and outer spirals in other postures. In my classes I offer practices with a lot of undulates and my next tip below.

Tip 3 yoga and sexual energy

 Poses and movements I love – here’s on of my favourite stanza (verse from scriptures) from Vijnana Bhairava Tantra to seduce you as you move.
“O Goddess, enjoy the extremely  slow movements of your body, of a mount, of a vehicle and, with peace in mind sink into divine spirit”
See spirituality and sexual energy are so aligned and delicious too..
 Movement – circles, or circulation of pelvis or body. The pelvis circles activate sexual energy to move and relaxes and releases all the muscles around the pelvis that maybe armouring our sexual energy because of trauma. You feel more safe to open. This helps to de-amour. Circulation in the body is called circumduction and is one of my favourite – you’ll see all these movements and breathing in my Kundalini Yoga Practice video on breath work. The circulations of the body free the solar plexus or your 3rd chakra. The 3rd chakra moves sexual energy up, this is the fire centre so warms you up too. This empowers and liberates the unconscious tension in your ribcage or diaphragm from stress, trauma, emotions, which then frees the sexual energy to rise and open your heart. – check out my page on the chakras on my hOMe page, with affirmations to empower you.
 Posesbutterfly pose or supta Buddha konasana. You can hold this pose and consciously breath into the pelvis, pelvic floor feel your sexual energy circulate. Or you can also undulate your hips like in cat cow. I love this as I was taught a juicy Shakti Tantra practice from my Guru’s Lineage that exponentially activates sexual energy. But I only share this teaching with those I teach, so for now you can undulate. You can also open and close the legs, I like to vary the speed. When I teach bio-energetics in class they re-wire the neural pathways from the brain and shifts the sexual energy more.

Goddess pose or Utkata Konasana (video below) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this asana, I circle, I undulate. I also as here ride linear up and down, with soft toning of pelvic floor or yoni! This definitely is yoga and sexual energy in a totally spiritual way. This video is from my 2019 India Yoga retreat.

So I hope you enjoyed a little about Yoga and sexual energy. My personal brand is called Yoni Yoga and if you’d like to learn I offer in person classes in Barbados OR  have classes online.  I also offer bespoke one to one tuition via Skype too. just email me for more details!