Yoga Inversions

As I’ve introduced my theme for the year Awakening Shakti, in the Indian tradition Ganesha is invoked before any practice to clear the path and I feel for yoga inversions Ganesha is one to invoke for many, find out why….

Since my intention is to awaken shakti, introduce practices to awaken your kundalini shakti as the potent energy as well as the goddess. Ganesh clears the path, the obstacles that may be habitual or pre ingrained that no longer serve your awaken journey.

Ganesha is the elephant headed deity that calls in the new energies, new beginnings like this New Year. Ganesh is often seen at thresholds in your life where perhaps you need to draw on a new perspective, as you let go of the old and welcome the new. this may be scarey and evoke fear or anxiety, just like yoga inversions might.

handstandObstacles sometimes turn our world upside down. We react in certain way perhaps habitual way and I love that your yoga practice holds up the mirror to show you.

This week Ive been asked to work with inversions. The beginning of the week I am teaching this however towards the end I will move to the moon sadhana practice as its full moon and these energies can make their own waves so inversion will be kept to a minimum.

Yoga inversions aversion

Yoga Inversions, just the word may invoke different feelings. Some love whilst others fear and or anxiety. I was told a few weeks ago in a 1-1 ‘I have an aversion to inversion’ by by the end of the session however my client achieved a handstand and headstand…

Some of the aversions can be in the mind, from a past experience that now in present the fear rises, the heart flutters, let’s look at the benefits of yoga inversions and see if this entices those with fear

Inversions offer you many benefits

Yoga Inversions offer you a metaphor. They allow you to take on a new perspective on life, with a different viewpoint: life or Ganesha throws obstacles that turn your world upside down. You react to your world in a predictable way, same as you might react to inversions. Yet theyteach us through metaphor that there is a potency for growth and another way to approach the situation/person/problem –

Yoga clears energy channels and opens you up to new perspectives and encourages you to move away from your unconscious habitual patterns, that is potentially why the problem/situation/person arises. the invitation to invert is simply another way by which to shake things up, step out of rut look at a new path. –

Physical benefits

Inversions reverse the flow of blood in the body and improve circulation and lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a key player in keeping your body healthy. Inversions Increase immunity and prevent illness. How? Lymph picks up toxins and bacteria that need to be eliminated. lymph moves with muscle contractions and gravity, so getting upside down allows lymph to move more easily. And getting upside down Uses gravity to provide the brain with more oxygen and blood which then increases concentration, memory, mental processing abilities.

Energetic benefits

As you turn upside down and dive into a new perspective you also increase your energy. Handstand, headstand, and forearm balance are all heating inversions and get more blood moving to the brain, which results not only in physical invigoration but mental revitalization as well. so if you get that afternoon slump time – Get upside down!
Cooling inversions like shoulder stand & legs up the wall however calm the nervous system, thereby activating the parasympathetic nervous system and producing feelings of balance and calm so you relax more easily.

Emotional mental benefits

They build confidence, trust even love! Their empowerment ripple off the mat into your life. Yes initially try to kick up into handstand may induce all many of levels of trepidation. yet once you ‘get it’ you are elated, on a high like when in love. Your confidences rockets and the next thing you know is that exam or job interview don’t seem so daunting.

Yoga Inversion Metaphor

GanapatayeiAnd before you “get it”,  all those attempts remind you of how much you need to commit.  no matter what obstacles arise you continue, that is the irony of Ganesha, He is the giver and also the removal remover of obstacles, something for you to bear in mind….

It is all about practice practice practice which is abhaysa. I wrote on this in January 2014 in sadhana and sankalpa and sadhana i n December 2015. to get it, you need to to learn, and potentially the shakti key is to let go and feel the yoga inversions.

And before we “get it”, and it resonates in our being all those attempts remind you of how much more you have to learn, and potentially the shakti key is to let go and feel. They say in yoga and life ‘it is about the “journey”, not simply the destination.’

 what are you learning about yourself as you turn upside down?

ॐ How you react at the word, the practice of a pose is it mirroring how you react in life?

ॐ How can you use the phenomenal tool of the Prana shakti, your breath, to empower you to pause, feel and try to take on a different perspective?

and now as Ganesha clears your path, lets awaken!