What Goes On In a Women’s Circle?

A women’s Circle :

🔻 Nurtures our feminine body,
🔻 Renews our spirit.
🔻 Reconnects us to the beauty in every woman

good news is ladies, now I am offering online classes you can come to a women’s circle to delight in the  experience …

There is something magical that happens when women come together and share in women’s circle. I believe we remember, deep within our bones what we used to ‘do’ as women, before society pushed us into literally doing everything to keep up, be seen and heard.

There’s the paradox of Tantra that embraces the opposites, there’s nothing to do, in women’s circle. We enter circle to let go of daily responsibilities, our endless to-do lists, our multi-tasking, looking after everyone else like our children, partner, household. Within women’s circle we feel cared for by all the women who join. We reconnect with the beauty of the Feminine like those who came before us.

In Days Of Old

Since ancient times women have come together to share and to be.

Before electricity women’s circles were at the time of the New Moon, when they’d bleed, in the Red Tent to share the secrets of the universe through the potent portal of their wombs. 

All phases of a woman – Maiden, Mother, Crone gathered in circle, shared, explored their dreams, hopes and visions. All were held within the arms of sisterhood/womanhood to heal and cultivate their power for the next cycle.

They learnt new ways of being, giving, receiving, bonding, loving, forgiving & embodying their feminine power so all blossomed.

Womb wisdom honours our feminine energy & renews the feminine power for the new cycle through the moon. You can learn here too on my Moon course or join me in circle…

Every New Moon in Barbados I host a Soulful Lunar Flow + Circle aka Red Tent, yet not every woman is bleeding, this is a modern version where the onset of electricity, contraception, stress, technology has shifted women’s cycles. Yet women’s circles still gather to honour the tradition and the eternal circle fo women.

Modern Day Women’s Circle

The rise of the Feminine in modern day means more and more women are reclaiming feminine ways of being, knowing, relating rather constantly gripping, grasping, pushing, striving to be seen and heard.

Through sisterhood of women’s circle, women explore how to womb-a-fest (manifest) deepest longings of love, intimacy, creativity, self expression for self, future generations and world.


In my blog on Sisterhood I wrote

‘when a woman is given an invitation and permission to dive deep beneath the surface, she opens up more. Consequently, She begins to courageously share her truth with the group of women, thus she taps into a wellspring of wisdom inside of herself.

This wisdom not only nurtures her, but all the women in the circle. 

This wisdom I believe is what has been shared over 1000’s of years through the eternal circle of women.”

As women enter circle, there’s no need to change anything about ourselves, it’s not an attempt to fix ourselves or to get rid of anything, or modify ourself in anyway –  this leads to more separation… Women’s Circle is about integration.

Women’s circle helps to lift the masks, that we’ve worn to ourself and our community, to be accepted. In the space of women’s circle we learn to embrace ourselves fully; we reconnect…to our inner beauty and the love of her.

It’s as if the practices within the women’s circle, metaphorically undress us and bring us nakedly to the present moment and there in the bareness our deepest longings are met, embraced and fulfilled. The practices touch you…deeply within your feminine soul. Here’s another blog where I talk with my beloved teacher Chameli Ardagh from the Awakening Womne’sInstitute, about women’s circle, life and healing my own wounds +++ much more

So What Do We ‘Do’ In A Women’s Circle?

 ▽ We come together to go beneath the surface and dive deep.

 ▽ Every circle is different. I personally offer circles that empower women to dive deep into shadow work or the Dark Goddess, for here we cannot connect to the light unless we are friends with the dark. Where there is light there is always a shadow.

 ▽ Through conscious listening & open communication we explore connection through conversation.

 ▽ We take off our masks & reveal our true self – which raises confidence and boosts self-esteem.

 ▽ WE TALK A LOT. We practice a lot too, to get get into our bodies and out of our heads. The talking helps to release in a safe space.

 ▽ We may also cry, laugh, or share what is leaning on our hearts. Which is not often light, but a blend of light & dark.

WOMEN’S WISDOM in the circles I offer we explore everything – sexuality, menstruation, Moons, archetypes, Goddesses, relationship patterns, creative expression, yoga, Tantra, oracle cards, masculine & feminine, dreams…

 ▽ Within every women’s circle there is always practice to invite every woman into holy portal of her body (maybe for 1st time). We explore a theme that opens up the circle.

Women’s Circle for me has become a potent key to be seen, be vulnerable & encourage renewal & rebirth. The safe container of circle empowers me to navigate my wounds. The support within circle develops a deeper sense of wholeness & integration, I believe is an essential shakti key for every woman.

Women’s circles raise the vibration of women so we live from a place of acceptance, self-love, boosted confidence that becomes so magnetic we attract others to shine. We give others the permission to see their own beauty as we share ours!


What women say about their Women’s Circle experience:

Taking my seat within the circle of women has been life changing for me.  I have feel supported, nurtured and an intimacy that is healing. I have healed many wounds I had with other women – the bitchiness, competition. In circle we come and embrace we all have similar struggles. There is empathy. We let go, build trust, compassion and true listening. A the judgements go, my heart has opened more fully than I ever could’ve imagined. 

Andrea S

I had never been in a women’s circle and was very nervous of this at first, but it is such a safe caring experience, and just so lovely. Through circle and Michelle’sYoga and Tantra I have started to be healed emotionally, breaking down blocks that I haven’t been able to shift through years of different therapy. women's circle testimony

Kate Radford

I came on this retreat alone, but the connections I’ve made with the other goddesses is something I have never experiecned on any other retreat or in life. Michelle’s use of Tantra helped me to make life long friends. I would recommend Michelle’s retreats to every woman, it’s empowering, embraces womanhood and sisterhood….Just amazing!

Sherilyn Sibanda

And You, Would You Like To Join A Women’s Circle?

Every New Moon or Full Moon around the word women join together in circle. The more women come together healing blossoms.

Each women embraces womanhood/sisterhood and this empowers each woman to see her sisters and her own beauty, compassion, wisdom, power. As each woman embraces another, forgiveness of past wrongs dissipates and this is how the world heals.

I personally host women’s circle in Barbados within the 3 nights of the dark of the New Moon or the 3 nights of the Fullness of the Full Moon. I would love you to join us, just email me to find out more.

Never underestimate the power of a woman with a prayer and a plan…

The woman you are becoming, will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things…Choose HER over everything ▼